Is there a List of Medical Insurance Companies Accepted by Cuba?

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 22 — QUESTION: Can you provide a list of acceptable medical insurance companies for entry into Cuba?

ANSWER: Since May 1, 2010 it has been mandatory that all travelers, foreign and Cubans, living abroad must have a medical insurance policy when visiting Cuba – and this policy must have coverage in Cuba.

A traveler can either take out an insurance policy in one’s home country before departure, or can choose to take out a policy of insurance and assistance from a Cuban insurance company (Asistur S.A.) upon arrival at the airport, port or marina. However, residents in the United States traveling to Cuba will have to take out their insurance policy in their home country of departure from Cuban insurance companies through agencies associated with Havanatur-Celimar, as U.S. insurance companies do not provide coverage within Cuba.

A list of overseas medical insurance companies that provide coverage in Cuba is found on the website of Asistur S.A. at The site exists in both Spanish and English.

When you open the main page, on the left hand side under La Organización (The Business), click on ASISTUR es corresponsal para la asistencia de las compañías… (ASISTUR works as correspondent for the companies listed below…), then click on different letters of the alphabet for a list of international insurance companies with which Cuba has relations. It’s an alphabetical list of companies rather than an alphabetical list of countries. Note: there is also a message that says Pero otros seguros son válidos también… (But other travel insurances are valid as well…), suggesting that the list changes as insurance policies change.

As for Asistur S.A. itself, since 1991 it has been the leading company in Cuba specializing in rendering assistance services to visitors. With a wide network of providers around the country and an Alarm Centre available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Asistur S.A. acts as the corresponding insurance broker for international insurance companies. Information about the benefits they provide and what they cost are found on their website.

The telephone numbers for Asistur S.A. in Havana are listed below – and their website has listings for their offices located elsewhere in the country. Similarly, you can also write them directly at their email addresses listed below.

Asistur S.A.
Alarm Central 24 hours
Tel (53 7) 866-8527, 866-8339, 867-1315

Fax (53 7) 8-66-80

e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

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  • I have been reassured several times by Cuban officials and statements from Cuban embassies/consulates in Europe that most insurance companies are accepted (except perhaps those US-headquartered) so I’m surprised that there’s a “list”.

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