Snap Elections in Venezuela to Reelect Maduro

Nicolas Maduro is confident he will win reelection in snap elections despite the crisis crippling his country.  File photo.


HAVANA TIMES – The Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, dominated by the governing United Socialist Party (PSUV), approved today to move up the presidential elections to before April 30, in which Nicolas Maduro will seek re-election.

The decision catches the opposition parties unprepared, since they have barely begun talks to hold a primary election to choose a united candidate.  However, Maduro had previously warned that he may move up the elections.

Diosdado Cabello, the #2 man behind Maduro, presented the draft decree to the Constituent Assembly to advance the presidential elections to the first four months of the year. 

The decree, which was approved by acclamation, proposes to advance the elections that were scheduled for December of this year, “in order to advance in the mechanisms that guarantee peace in the country.”

The decree will now be sent to the National Electoral Council (CNE), also controlled by Maduro, so it can make a formal call for the elections and set the date. 

Venezuela is suffering its worst economic crisis on memory, with hyperinflation, record violence, growing unemployment and extreme shortages of food and medicines.

Nonetheless, Maduro is confident that his control over the Constituent Assembly and Electoral Council will allow him to win reelection with or without the opposition participating.

Numerous potential opposition candidates have already been banned from running for office, including Henrique Capriles, who lost to Maduro by less than 2% in the special elections held in April, 2013, to replace Hugo Chavez who died the month before.

The Maduro government already controls all the members of the Constituent Assembly, almost all of the country’s municipal and state governments, as well as the judicial system and electoral council. The National Assembly, with a large opposition majority, was stripped of its legislative capacity by the Supreme Court shortly after taking office in January 2016.



5 thoughts on “Snap Elections in Venezuela to Reelect Maduro

  • It is NOT a known fact that Maduro has a majority of the Venezuela poor. He was elected by less than 1% of the voters and the lawful national assembly was overwhelmingly opposition-party.

  • It is a known fact that Maduro has the backing of the vast majority of the poor working class people who can now access free education, free medical attention, proper housing. I support the Fidel Castros of the world, the Maduros, the Rauls, the Leader of Bolivia and all those who work in the interest of the common man and woman of the Planet!!

  • Venezuela remains a free and democratic society. The election will be fair and principled.

  • While I hope that you are right, nothing in Venezuela points in the direction that you are suggesting. Historically, revolutions occur in countries after an elite few begin to enjoy an improvement in their circumstances while the overwhelming majority continues to decline. The disenchanted majority then reacts violently. In Venezuela, EVERYONE continues to suffer greatly. Arguably, the middle classes and even the rich are affected more. The poor don’t tend to lead revolutions. It’s the forgotten middle class that is first to go to the streets. The poor join in afterwards. Again, I hope that you are right But I don’t see the signs of a revolution just yet.

  • Maduro is a disgrace. People live off hope his reign of incompetence will end by the end of the year. With civil order collapsing, just a matter of time before he is removed by his own people.

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