Will Tropical Storm Beryl Affect Cuba?

QUESTION: Hi I’m travelling to Guardalavaca in 10 days, I’ve heard about storm Beryl and looked at the weather forecast, will it be raining all the time we are there, or is it just what they think it will be like?

ANSWER: Firstly, sub-tropical storm Beryl is far north of Cuba and it is projected to head in a north-northeast route after moving west onto land today somewhere in northern Florida or southern Georgia. This will take it even further from Cuba.  See this National Hurricane Center chart.

As to rains in general, this is the rainy season and what’s most common are occasional thundershowers. The chance of it raining constantly is very unlikely.

The temperatures will be warm but it wouldn’t hurt to take an umbrella with you.

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  • I was in Cuba on May 28 and it poured rain for days!! Infact, we barely had any sun the last 2 weeks of May. The weather improved but was not perfect after that. Last week the weather was good, but it is raining again this week for 3 days already and is expected to last a couple more days.

    Bring a rain jacket (umbrellas will break due to the high winds), quick dry clothing and good water shoes just in case! Flip flops are too slippery to wear in the rain!

    Have a great time! Embrace nature, what else can you do? 🙂

  • No there isn’t.

  • is there an unnamed tropical storm in cuba besides beryl at the moment

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