The Situation Faced by Rare Book Vendors in Old Havana (Video)

By Elio Delgado Valdés


HAVANA TIMES – Self-employed, entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurs, non-agricultural cooperatives, have been many names for the incipient private sector in Cuba. The truth is that in practice, the government / Communist Party doesn’t look favorably on this type of non-state work.

Today we refer to sellers of rare and valuable books and objects, who were originally located in the Plaza de Armas in the old town, a privileged place.

Today, after having been moved, they realize that their sales have declined and despite the fact that the taxes have been reduced, their profits were affected, the place is very small. They’ve had to cut their work shifts, and they are not visible to tourists. The vendors are unhappy with the situation but can’t do anything about it.  


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One thought on “The Situation Faced by Rare Book Vendors in Old Havana (Video)

  • From my own observations after having visited Havana on eight holidays during the past 16 years is that the quality of these so-called ‘rare books and collectables’ has deteriorated over recent years.
    Books have become badly soiled and damaged and objects also effected by rust and other types of damage.
    I used to purchase items relating to transport subjects including some wonderful postcards but now the only items remaining are grossly overpriced, damaged or extremely musty and not even worth a cent.
    I understand that over the years stocks can be depleted but this is certainly not a market I would visit on future visits – such a great shame !!

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