Havana Weather for September 21-27

Aging Havana. Photo: Juan Suarez

Rain and thunderstorms in Havana…

By Adrian Fuentes

HAVANA TIMES – In the last twenty-four hours, numerous showers, rains, and thunderstorms occurred in the western region. The highest report was 31.4 millimeters at the Pinar del Río meteorological station, province of the same name. These precipitations were associated with a trough about 12 kilometers high, the increase in humidity over the country, in combination with the evening instability generated by the daytime warming. A high humidity content remains over the entire Caribbean, which is generating areas of storms over Havana in the afternoon and night, a condition that will continue for the next few days and until the end of the month.

The winds will be mainly from the northeast, with speeds between 10 and 25 km/h. The relative humidity will range between 80-100%. The high temperatures will be 31 and 32ºC (88 and 90 F) and the lows between 21 and 23ºC (70 and 73 F). The sea surface temperature will be 30ºC (86 F).

Monitoring continues over Hurricane Nigel, formed within Depression 15, which is located hundreds of kilometers east of Bermuda. It has maximum sustained winds of 148 kilometers per hour, with gusts of up to 185 kilometers per hour, it has a minimum pressure of 973 hPa and is moving north-northeast at 30 kilometers per hour. This system does not represent a danger to any territory and should continue to weaken as it moves through colder waters.

In the rest of the area of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, tropical cyclonic development is not expected in the next 12 to 24 hours.

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