Erasmo Calzadilla’s Diary

The Energy Crunch in Cuba is Just Beginning

I’ve just landed in Cuba, amidst a serious fuel crisis. Havana is in chaos, buses are nowhere to be seen or jam packed, gas stations have lines coming out of them like never before, just like the never-ending lines of people you see waiting to catch a private collective taxi (which have doubled their rates unanimously overnight)…

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Oil Depletion as a Cause of Venezuela’s Crisis

The Left needs to urgently interpret Venezuela’s crisis properly, and it can’t be done without looking at the oil situation. I hope this article contributes towards this interpretation. There are many widespread myths surrounding oil and this country’s oil industry; I will slowly break them down for you with information, public data and trustworthy sources.

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Should Communists Back the New Cuban Constitution?

The vast majority of appeals to vote NO that we see on the internet are being injected with propagandist anti-communism. However, here’s why I believe that people who truly believe in this doctrine (if there are any pure Communists left), have more reasons to vote NO in the new constitutional referendum than the pro-capitalist team.

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