Jimmy Roque’s Diary

Cuba, Pensioners and Respect for the Law

Not too long ago, I witnessed how a policeman dressed as a civilian, fined an old lady, with the help of two inspectors. Minutes later, they took her merchandise to a police truck that was parked nearby. Persecution of retirees and other vendors trying to survive is commonplace.

The Cuban Media Is Simply a Disgrace

It doesn’t make any sense to continue on with this absurd censorship. The truth can’t be hidden for much longer. It’s time for the government to face the facts and accept that they are losing control over the information that many Cuban people are taking in.

Havana To Downsize Optician’s System

Following the Guidelines of the Cuban Communist Party, Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health has begun downsizing its services, relocating several consulting rooms in different polyclinics to only one or two major polyclinics in each municipality.

A Gay Republic of Cuba

One of the many things that surprised me in my short visit to Mexico City is the freedom with which homosexuals express their love for one another in public. It’s common to see homosexual men and women holding hands on the street or kissing each other on the lips out in the open.