Juanita, the Woman on Our Block

Everybody knows Juanita. Whenever anyone asks about her, the answer is normally: “She’s the short woman, wearing glasses and a wide-brim hat.”

Fears and Overcoming Them

A friend tells me that she is writing about fear and I think about how much can be written about them. Yes, because there are many and you can say a lot.

Yearning for the Future

I wake up to make breakfast, like I do every morning. My daughter waits for it asleep, until I bring it to her bed. My husband helps me get things ready.

My Social Distancing Lessons

We’ll get out of this together. We’ll get out of this with flying colors, never forgetting this time and the lessons that Life has taught us.

To Line Up or Stay at Home?

The new Coronavirus has put us in a tighter squeeze than before. If it was already hard to get a hold of food it is even harder now.

The Key Is to Never Lose Hope

She studied in San Alejandro. She graduated with honors. She also completed her Architecture degree with good grades. She earned a living by painting, original works conceived from her own inspiration as well as others that were duplicates of some famous piece or another.

When We Were All Together

I remember when I was little girl and all of my neighborhood friends would get together so we could play. We were about 10 kids, maybe there were more of us. It was a nuisance for our neighbors who had to deal with the racket a big group of kids running about used to make.