Jazz Plaza a Gift for the Soul


HAVANA TIMES, February 16 -Those of us who were at Havana’s Amadeo Roldan Theater the night of Friday the 13th were treated to a journey to paradise, the paradise of music.

Rolando Luna’s hands put all his feelings on to the piano, which for nearly two hours would receive the caresses of some of the most talented musicians sharing the stage at Jazz Plaza 2009.

Rolando Luna at Jazz Plaza 2009
Rolando Luna at Jazz Plaza 2009

Luna paid tribute to Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez, bassist of the Buena Vista Social Club who died recently and who he had as a professor and had the privilege to work with on stage. Luna played songs off his new CD alucinaciones and with much modesty thanked the audience for having listened to him, as if his music wasn’t a gift for the ears and soul.

Now accustomed to his sensibility, pianist Harold Lopez Nusa with his brother on the drums and Felipe Cabrera on standup bass showed that his version of Tres goles de Cervantes is revitalized each time he plays it.

Jacques Bouniard (France) didn’t say a single word, although he captivated the audience with the profoundness of his cords. The black and white keys alternated at his whim on the melodies that came from deep down. More deliberate that the Cuban pianists, perhaps with less passion, Bouniard had an intensity that didn’t need another discourse that wasn’t coming from his hands.

Jacques Bouniard at Jazz Plaza 2009
Jacques Bouniard at Jazz Plaza 2009

The closing band was Roberto Fonseca and Temperamento which had the theater vibrating. Roberto made use of all of his virtues; as always playing not only with his hands but with his entire body and voice. His vocalizations put a personal touch on the songs and helped to interact with an audience that enthusiastically cooperated with the chorus. Fonseca also dedicated a song to Cachaito and to pianist and composer Harold Gramatges, who also died recently.

Roberto Fonseca and Temperamento
Roberto Fonseca and Temperamento

The evening was further proof of the fascination of young Cuban musicians for the piano. They seemed to recognize the work of their teachers and move on, while enveloping those that listen to them in a mysterious halo of music and energy. And the audience reacted favorably, allowing itself to go on the journey.

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5 thoughts on “Jazz Plaza a Gift for the Soul

  • Fantastic news from our brother Jac Bouniard, please keep on and one , move the all world with your piano and your beautiful melodies, am with you. blessings

    Jean Paul Wabotai

  • Superb! une grande joie de découvrir tout cela,très heureuse de te voir vivre ses moments ,nous avons hâte d’entendre tout cela en live! la famille, Sophie Janna et Bingui

  • Lovely article and photos, beautifly presented, all was missing were some sound bites- well, I should have been there and hopefully will hear Jacques B. playing in the Paris area soon,

  • To Irina
    Thank you so much for your precious words about my concert this night. I was so impressed to play my music to cuban people. I really enjoyed and had real bright moments.
    I love Cuba.
    My best for you.

  • I really enjoyed this article and all the pictures.


    Robert Cowdery

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