Rap in Havana

By Helson Hernandez

Anonimo Consejo

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 7 — The Cuban Rap Agency — an institution that has saved an art form that a few years ago didn’t enjoy the blessings that would allow it to assume its rightful place — is now surprising us with various performances by its most promising and popular performers on the island.

October will be an intense month for the lovers of hip-hop and similar musical influences.  On Saturday the 8th from 2:00 pm at La Casona de Cojimar (Habana del Este), the afternoon will begin with “Anonimo Consejo” and “Brebaje Man” in a setting that has now become the norm each month for these two Cuban rap groups.

Kokino, a member of “Anonimo Consejo,” has the image of the protypical American rapper according to experts in the field.

His lyrics are messages about peace, love and freedom, while he’s characterized as being a tireless fighter in search of social change and immediate solutions to the problems of Cuban life.

Brebaje Man

As for the rapper and host Etian the “Brebaje Man,” he has a strong on-stage projection as a poet of today’s times.  His manner of speaking is direct while his words are colored by personal experiences, which is why he’s followed by a public that always expects depth in his messages for reflecting, learning and enjoying.

Give a listen to these defenders of the most genuine Cuban rap, each with their particular and unpredictable ways of interpretation.  These artists will please a large group of fans addicted to this musical expression, which in its history has faced censorship and misunderstanding without this stopping its creative drive .

(Information provided by the Cuban Rap Agency)