Free of Parasites but Not Content

Erasmo Calzadilla

Havana Bay

A short while ago I was reading about the parasites that infect human beings.  I felt great peace of mind knowing that the majority have been eradicated in Cuba or are well under control.  I also felt sorrow, because in other parts of the world they snuff out millions of lives each year, even though they are curable illnesses.

To give only one example: a human being dies of malaria every 30 seconds, while in this nation it was eradicated in 1973.

It was the Revolution that achieved the elimination of so many poor health conditions, and I take my hat off in respect and admiration for the people who labored on this project.

However, it’s a shame that the elimination of parasites hasn’t gone side by side with an authentic Revolution in the sense of distributing power into the hands of the workers.

It’s a shame that a small band of decision-makers have stolen the show, leaving the rest only the chance to assent, obey and applaud.

But – what sense does it make to lament?  It’s time to work and organize to prevent the baton from being kidnapped once again in the future, neither ceding it to men of great prestige or much less to wealthy magnates.

However, that will be possible only when many of us are convinced that we have not run out of options as they have tried to make us think, between a totalitarianism that frees us from parasites and a selfish liberalism.

It’s true that a long road remains before us, with precipices on each side.  But what other option do we have?  Hang up our gloves so that later they apply them to us and then wail our regrets?

One thought on “Free of Parasites but Not Content

  • I agree with you, Erasmo, that we have no choice but to do whatever we can to make a better world, and one in which each member fully participates in the process of governing themselves and their society. I wonder, sometimes, whether the human race will ever be able to progress, or if we have only come this far, and are doomed to remain at an evolutionary dead-end? If we fail here, are there other orbs, spinning in space, which have arrived at such a system, where both the rights of the group and of the individual have achieved an equalibrium?

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