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Another billboard says This Revolution is the daughter of Culture and Ideas. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – Lately, I seem to sense a light breath of optimism in the official slogans, something of an attempt at modernization, like this slogan that I’ve seen on several Havana billboards:


Note the absence of ideological indicatives; that the affirmation isn’t a pronouncement, a choice between two extremes (socialism or death), and could refer to any facet of human activity. I don’t know why, but to me it seems that the challenges are economic (that is, for the everyday Cuban) and the victories…will be whose?

There’s now a poster located at the entrance to the Havana municipality of Cotorro that I couldn’t assign to either of the two tendencies. The one it replaced – very washed out from the effects of the sun and grime – affirmed:


Now, alongside a gaudy painted Cuban flag it announces:


Since I found myself obliged to wait beside that cryptic slogan for a bus that took a very long time to arrive, I found myself submerged in tangled reflections.

Is Cuba forever patriotic? I wondered. If the function of the adjective “patriotic” is to delimit or characterize the noun “Cuba”, then to say that Cuba is patriotic – Isn’t that the same as affirming that Cuba is Cuban?

Believing that this was already implicit in the noun, I deduced that the concept should be even more hermetically conceptualized and I continued to burrow into the mystery of the issue.

This billboard states that On principle, in Cuba there can be only one political party.  Photo: Juan Suarez

Do they mean to say that Cuba is becoming more patriotic? According to the Larousse dictionary this is the meaning of patria [fatherland,]:
“n.f. Country in which a person has been born or possesses nationality.”

Which suggests: Cuba nationalizes itself? It declares itself a “patria” and in addition “forever” (the adverb should also give us relevant information). Could it be that before it wasn’t one? That it discovered itself? That it is no longer the fatherland of its children but of herself? I, Cuba, make myself Cuban. I reaffirm myself and I become a country.

I know that these painted billboards beside the streets or highways aren’t put there at random, much less the meaning that they express. Any design destined to promote the government’s policies is carefully conceived and checked.

So, the supposed redundancy or meaninglessness (or excess of meaning) had to have been selected from among several proposals and have survived close scrutiny and suspicion.

This argument redoubled my confusion, convincing me of my complete ineptitude for absorbing such profound messages.

Veronica Vega

Veronica Vega: I believe that truth has power and the word can and should be an extension of the truth. I think that is also the role of Art and the media. I consider myself an artist, but above all, a seeker and defender of the Truth as an essential element of what sustains human existence and consciousness. I believe that Cuba can and must change and that websites like Havana Times contribute to that necessary change.

7 thoughts on “A Cuba Linguistic Dilemma

  • Wrong again Dan. At the start of the Iraq war, MOST Americans DID support the invasion. We were lied to and public structures like your ‘Wall of Freedom’ were erected to show our support for our troops in harm’s way. As the war progressed and the truth came out, our support for the original invasion waned but our support for the troops never wavered. As far as my opinion regarding Cuban support for the Castros propaganda, re-read my comment. I acknowledge my remarks were anecdotal. Do you think that Cubans pass these billboards and agree with them? Really? I have never met a single Cuban that took these billboards seriously.

  • You never give up. Most Americans do not support the war in Iraq. The corporate media and propaganda apparatus did. Since when do you conduct or have access to polls about what Cubans think about their billboards. You also never addressed my point – the inanity of the propaganda we have to live with in this country.

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