Bayamo, Cuba Street Scenes

Photo feature by Elio Delgado

Bayamo Boulevard
Bayamo Boulevard

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 9 – When walking along Paseo Boulevard in the eastern Cuban city of Bayamo, one can appreciate the pleasing blend of colonial and modern architecture.

It’s not by chance that several of the city’s buildings are registered as national monuments, and that the city of Bayamo itself is recognized as a “National City Monument” and the “Cradle of Cuban Nationality.”

In the city’s historic center, an important part of the area’s attractiveness, is also located a museum that guards some of the belongings and documents of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the first “president of the Republic in arms.”

Also on display is “El Cubano Libre,” the country’s first independent newspaper, published by Cespedes, as well as other objects and relics of the national liberation struggle.

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