GAESA, the economic emporium of the Cuban Military (Video)

The Dark Businesses of the GAESA mililtary consortium. Screenshot

By El Toque

HAVANA TIMES – GAESA is a mega conglomerate of companies under military direction in Cuba and does not submit to anyone’s control. So what companies do they have? How does it operate inside and outside of Cuba? Who runs these companies outside of Cuba?
Here we tell you what a recent investigation revealed about some of the GAESA companies, and the officials trusted by the governing leadership who run part of the emporium.

The video has subtitles in English

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One thought on “GAESA, the economic emporium of the Cuban Military (Video)

  • The lack of transparency in the government’s handling of the country’s finances is unbelievable and although in reality it is more than common in Latin America, it continues to disappoint me.

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