Nicaraguan Singer Cristyana Somarriba Goes into Exile…

…asks not to normalize indifference regarding the political prisoners in Nicaragua

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Nicaraguan singer Cristyana Somarriba spoke for the first time on her Facebook profile about the socio-political crisis in Nicaragua perpetrated by the Ortega-Murillo regime. She explained why she decided to leave Nicaragua and go into exile, adding to the many thousands of her compatriots who have been forced to leave to avoid being arrested. Somarriba highlights in her post that she was “living with crippling fear.”

“I dare to express myself now because I am not in my country. With a heavy heart, unfortunately, I had to leave, like thousands who today risk everything to escape cruelty, injustice, and a country without human rights or freedom of expression. What a tragedy! Such a beautiful country led by haters, even if they try to disguise it with fallacious and incongruous speeches. Living in fear, SICKENING. Wanting to express yourself and not being able to do it, SICKENING. Witnessing injustices and having to swallow the pain, SICKENING,” the post states.

In addition, she stressed that she dreamed that she was put in jail. She spent a few minutes exploring the nightmare and mentally seeing the faces of more than 180 political prisoners in Nicaragua. “In that nightmare -which felt so real- I was silent, in a corner, deeply sad and hopeless, thinking this is how so many of my friends and others who today are living the agony of having forfeited their freedom because of thinking differently, for defending their ideals, and for wanting democracy, must feel,” the artist said on her social network.

Cristyana characterized the argument of treason that the regime uses against their adversaries who are currently imprisoned, galling and revolting, and pointed out that the chief traitors to Nicaragua are the regime and its allies.

“TREASON TO THE HOMELAND.” How bald-faced and detestable that people are accused of this, when the foremost traitors are precisely the creators of this law. “As I expressed in the publication The Relief of Crying, feeling ‘bipolar’ in Nicaragua is commonplace in recent years, alternating between crying and laughing. I wonder: When will the relief of speaking without fear, return?” the artist asks in her post.

Cristyana stressed that we should not turn a blind eye to what is happening in our country regarding political prisoners and asks that we not normalize indifference, and that we practice forgiveness without forgetting the atrocities that the Ortega-Murillo regime has done.

“How do we heal after being witnesses to so much evil? How can we not feel outrage in our souls, seeing so many compatriots suffering constant persecution and the horrors of prison?

Obviously, we must be grateful for the good things in life. However, we cannot close our eyes and act as if nothing is happening.  As human beings with consciences we should not normalize indifference. Practicing forgiveness is our eternal challenge, although we will never forget the massacre. The heroes and heroines who gave their lives will live in our hearts, as will those who sacrificed their freedom so that one day DEMOCRACY will shine in Nicaragua.

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