Nicaragua’s Civic Alliance Demands Government Compliance Before More Talks

The negotiations remain on hold 

Carlos Tunnermann, member of the Civic Alliance negotiating team. Photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

“We no longer want promises, because as the saying goes: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” says Carlos Tunnermann

By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy announced on Tuesday that it will not resume negotiations with the government of Daniel Ortega until it complies with the agreements signed on March 27 and 29, 2019, regarding the release of the political prisoners and restoration of citizen rights and freedoms.

“We have told the witnesses and guarantors that we are willing to return to the table if the Government, instead of continuing to make promises, shows evidence that they are carrying out what is already signed,” explained Carlos Tünnermann, speaking to the media for the Alliance.

The delegates of the Civic Alliance in the talks met on Tuesday morning with the witnesses and guarantors of the negotiation, the Apostolic Nuncio Waldemar Sommertag and the representative of the OAS Secretary General, Luis Angel Rosadilla. On the one hand they reported on the lack of compliance by the government and the forms of repression that have increased since April 15. The Alliance also communicated its decision not to return to the negotiating table at this time.

The almost one-hour meeting ended shortly before ten o’clock in the morning. The first to leave was Rosadilla, who evaded the media and said he would not make any statement. The Vatican’s representative followed suit. When journalists asked if there was trust in the government of Daniel Ortega, Sommertag responded “trust only in God.”

The apostolic nuncio Waldemar Sommertag, leaving the meeting Tuesday morning with the delegates of the Civic Alliance, held at the Cosep business association’s offices.  Photo: Carlos Herrera

Neither Rosadilla nor Sommertag clarified the conditions that would allow for, in an effective and timely manner, to advance in the implementation of the agreements already signed by the Alliance and the Ortega government.

Carlos Tunnermann explained that the witnesses and guarantors received the letter signed by all the members of the Civic Alliance, in which they state their decision and their arguments. Afterwards Rosadilla and Sommertag withdrew to the meeting place at the Incae business school to speak with the representatives of the Ortega government and communicate this new decision of the Civic Alliance.

“As the negotiation table was called for 10 a.m., they had to be present, they would be there for a while, they would make an appearance and later they would come to inform us of what the Government had offered. If they implement the previous agreements, we would be there tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We no longer want promises because, as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” insisted Tunnermann.

The delegate of the General Secretariat of the OAS at the negotiating table, Luis Angel Rosadilla.  Photo: Carlos Herrera

The arguments of the Civic Alliance

The Civic Alliance gave Rosadilla and Sommertag a letter stating that the implementation of the agreements should have taken place several weeks ago and that their lack of execution shows the absence of a will on the part of the government to hold a real negotiation.

“There has been no compliance with agreements for the release of the political prisoners and detainees, nor the agreements on citizen rights and guarantees. The Government had said that it was going to announce the way in which it plans to carry out the agreements; that’s something we’ve already heard several times. We need proof that they are implementing the agreements, “reiterated Carlos Tünnermann.

Delegates of the Civic Alliance meeting on April 23 at Cosep.  Photo: Carlos Herrera

The letter mentions that citizens have opted for civic struggle, have a vocation for peace, and want effective respect for human rights. They do not want to live in this state of repression and permanent siege, and that they should not have to be opting for exile. The Alliance also notes that the Government has not shown any willingness to overcome this situation of political crisis that turned one year on April 19, 2019.

“Let them show some evidence that they are going to fulfill agreements, for example the release of political prisoners and detainees… let them make good on the agreement subscribed thus far regarding the right to protest. Likewise, the commitment to free the materials and equipment needed by the media to operate including paper and ink. Let them provide us with the guarantee of ensuring a security protocol for those who leave prison, as well as a signed protocol and commitment to respect the rights of exiles who decide to return to the country,” said Tunnermann.

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  • More and more we can draw the parallels of the Nicaraguan totalitarian condition with what we saw Mugabe and wife inflicting on Zimbabwe..amazing but proof that history repeats..the younger witch tripping on power and the lust for eternal power egging on a doddering weak old man partner who is fearful of what comes after WHEN finally their course is run.How this can be achieved solely with ‘dialogue’ continues to fuel skepticism.As we saw in Zimbabwe,these self deluded monsters have to be literally forced out…I’m afraid I have no idea how that might come about in Nicaragua.

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