Orchid Festival in Havana

By Nike


HAVANA TIMES – From March 12 to 15 [before there was talk of serious measures to combat the coronavirus in Cuba] the annual Havana Orchid Festival took place at the Quinta de los molinos in the capital.

At the event I attended, other varieties of plants were sold in addition to orchids: succulents, cacti, and violets, medicinal plants, there were sales of handicrafts, food for birds and fish, and a table where natural and preservative-free spices were sold of the Cuban brand Purita.

This event brings together all the orchid growers of the municipalities of Havana. They have formed clubs where they meet and share experiences and knowledge. In addition to selling their precious specimens, they participate in exhibitions with some of their orchids, cared for with great dedication.

Here are some of my pictures:

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