Change in Europe: First Greece, next Spain? (video)

The Next Syriza? As Greece Rejects Austerity, Meet the Activist Who Could Become Spain’s New PM

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Pablo Iglesias Turrion.  Photo:
Pablo Iglesias Turrion. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES –  Talks between Greece and eurozone finance ministers over Athens’ debt broke down Monday when the newly elected leftist Syriza government rejected a deal to extend the terms of the current bailout. The Greek Syriza party was elected last month on a promise to roll back the crippling austerity measures in Greece’s international bailout. While Syriza has taken power in Greece, the grassroots party Podemos is also quickly gaining popularity in Spain, Europe’s fifth largest economy.

On January 31, as many as 150,000 people rallied in Madrid to show support for the Podemos party, which translates into “We can.” Podemos only became an official party last March, but a recent poll by El País found 28 percent of the population supports the party, enough to possibly win Spain’s next general election. Last May, Podemos surprised many when it received 1.2 million votes and five seats in the European Parliament elections.

The party grew out of the “indignados” movement that began occupying squares in Spain four years ago. The indignados rallied against austerity cuts, rising unemployment and Spain’s political establishment. We are joined by Podemos Secretary General Pablo Iglesias, a 36-year-old political science professor and longtime activist who was elected to the European Parliament last year. If Podemos wins Spain’s national elections later this year, he could become Spain’s next prime minister.

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  • Rothschild psychopathic supremacists? I would love to read more about this? …snicker, snicker, snicker

  • You better check the scoreboard: Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa’s economic fortunes have turned for the worse recently. The bloom is ‘off the rose’. By the way, what is it about a blog dedicated to Cuba that draws all the anti-US wackos?

  • Greece have got themselves into another financial mess and they refuse to honour their debt, so it looks as though they either honour their debt or they leave the EU. Why should Greece be any different than the other countries in the EU. We here in England have to pay our way, and we are suffering the financial strain just as much as Greece, so we all need to pull together and work together. So you see Cuba is not the only country where people are suffering financially, we to here in England have a problem with the homeless and unemployment, not as bad as Cube however bad enough.

  • Greece is a different matter. It is not reparations that the Greeks want, though God knows that the austerity measures placed on Greece recently by the Germans have been worse than those imposed on Germany before the rise of Hitler, but rather Greece wants repayment of the billions loaned to Germany by force by said same Nazi, and never paid back.

  • So this is what the “Castroism is white absolute power” is all about. How can Spain refuse to pay its debt and turn socialist without kowtowing to Africa? The theories of Marx like Darwin are works of 19th Century science. Experimental evidence supports much of the work, including the law of value (I would post links but don’t have the required privileges yet). However like all science it is work in progress. In particular ideas about human nature and materialism in Marx’s work have been superseded by the developments of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Nevertheless, Marx’s theories remain as valid as the physical theories of Newton. Incidentally, integration, which was known to Archimedes and who knows who else besides Newton, has not advanced that much, but we now use the theories of Lebesgue and his followers for the most advanced forms.

  • CUBA, PLEASE stay with the BRICS nations, if you make any move politically and Economically.

    Co-operating with the U.S., a DYING and extremely CORRUPT NATION, will be like “jumping from the Frying Pan into the FIRE”. Provide Russia with a BASE for your protection and deal with all the other BRICS nations also

    Greece is only one small example of what happens to a country which allows the Western banking system, which is controlled by the Rothschild psychopathic SUPREMACISTS, to monopolize the money and banking system

    No one is perfect but the U.S., Britain and Israel are pure evil now.

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