El Salvador Attorney General’s Office Raids Alba Petroleos over Money Laundering Probe

Members of the Prosecutor’s Office search the headquarters of Alba Petroleos de El Salvador.


Sister company with Daniel Ortega’s Albanisa in Nicaragua

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, in the raid it was possible to collect a series of financial, computer and accounting documents “that may be useful in the criminal investigations”.


By Julio Estrada Galo  (La Prensa)

HAVANA TIMES – The Attorney General of El Salvador ordered the raiding of the facilities of the company Alba Petroleos, associated with Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), and 26 other companies linked to money laundering.

According to German Arriaza, the chief officer Against Corruption and Impunity, during the raid it was possible to collect a series of financial, computer and accounting documents “that may be useful in criminal investigations”.

“It is a court issued search order…, where it authorizes us to carry out this procedure in order to seize documentation, computer equipment and any information that may be useful for an investigation that we are conducting,” reiterated Arriaza, according to a statement from the Attorney General’s office.

The raids on Alba Petroleo’s offices were executed simultaneously in the departments of San Salvador, La Libertad, Sonsonante and La Paz.Other companies linked to this investigation for money laundering include Gasohol, the scientific research center of Alba Petroleos, Business Technical Consultants, Organic Energy, Renova Energy, Velmont Transport, Precosidos El Salvador and Maya Green Power.

Also involved are Alba Alimentos de El Salvador, Alba Gas, Asociación Instituto Schafick Hándal, Coordinadora y Asesora de Proyectos, Diagrin, Enepasa, Fundación Albapetróleos El Salvador, Gaubri Group, Inversiones Flolat, Inversiones Valiosas, Las Vistas, SAG, Termopuerto Limitada, Tu Financiera de RL and Fibras El Salvador.

Editors Note: Alba Petroleos of El Salvador is considered a sister company of Albanisa of Nicaragua, both joint ventures with Venezuela’s PDVSA oil company that puts up the capital and holds majority shares. All three are under sanctions of the United States Treasury Department accused of money laundering.