Venezuela Offers Asylum to Snowden

Edward Snowden

HAVANA TIMES — The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, today offered political asylum to former US National Security employee Edward Snowden, reported DPA news.

“I as head of state and government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to the young US citizen, Edward Snowden, so that he can live in the homeland of Bolivar and Chavez,” said Maduro.

Speaking in a Venezuelan Independence Day parade, Maduro said several Latin American countries have expressed their favorable position to provide protection to Snowden.

Maduro defends the view that Snowden deserves international protection for the revelations he has made, because after revealing secrets about US covert operations his life is at risk.

The Venezuelan president said the asylum offered is to “protect him from the persecution that has been unleashed from one of the world’s most powerful governments.”

“Who is the rapist or terrorist, a 29-year-old who tells the truth, or the United States government that protects (accused of terrorism) Luis Posada Carriles whose extradition is requested by our government?” said Maduro.

2 thoughts on “Venezuela Offers Asylum to Snowden

  • If Snowden believes that what he did was morally upright, why not return to the US and let a jury decide?

  • If there is no change to Snowden’s current situation he may never arrive in Venezuela. He may fall into the hands of US authorities. Snowden is in need of a valid passport or a substitute that would be acceptable to Russian authorities. US authorities have revoked the validity of Snowden’s US passport. In the event Venezuela does not issue Snowden a passport Cuba should issue Snowden a temporary passport valid for travel through Cuba and onto Venezuela. Also Snowden should be encouraged to use Cubana Airlines for his travel. Aeroflot, the Russian airline, flies over US territory when going to Havana. US authorities may try to force an Aeroflot flight to land in the US if it were to fly over US territory.

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