Almagro Comments on Cuba’s Role in Venezuela and Nicaragua

Luis Almagro

HAVANA TIMES – The OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, denounced on Friday the alleged participation of Cuban citizens in the violation of human rights in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Almagro delivered the opening address of a conference on human rights in Cuba at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, a meeting that he defined as a meeting to discuss “crimes against humanity in Cuba.”

“It is time to end the impunity with which the Cuban dictators live,” he said. “We will do justice in the countries of Latin America that have suffered this aggression, torture, repression and deprivation of liberties,” he said.

Almagro assured that there has been a “Cuban presence” in tortures committed in Venezuela. “It is estimated that the Cuban presence in Venezuela is 46,000 people, an occupation force that teaches to torture, to repress, to do intelligence tasks, civil documentation, migration,” he said.

Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro. File photo.

In Nicaragua, he continued, people who have been tortured in the context of the crisis that started in April assure that there were Cubans present during these mistreatment sessions.

“Cuba is an enemy of democracy and human rights in any part of the continent,” said Almagro, who warned of the “harmful effect” of Cuba in the rest of the region.

The OAS groups all the countries of the American continent. Cuba was suspended in the 1960s for its alignment with the communist bloc.

In 2009 the suspension of the island was lifted, but its government never asked for the reactivation of the membership, so that no Cuban representative sits on the permanent council of the OAS, which works with 34 ambassadors instead of 35.

“The rights of the Cuban people to democracy are equal to the rights of any citizen of the Americas,” said Almagro.

2 thoughts on “Almagro Comments on Cuba’s Role in Venezuela and Nicaragua

  • I praise Costa Rica for the civil humane approach to allow and assist the Nicaraguans who are terrified and are fleeing persecution in Nicaragua. Please continue this support. PURA VIDA COSTA RICA !!!

  • Cuba ceased direct military intervention in other countries many years ago following the implosion of its puppet master the USSR. But, that did not end its active support for the policy of world domination by communism. Fidel Castro aided by Hugo Chavez, determined to create a model similar to that of the USSR in Latin America. In pursuit of that CELAC (The community of Latin American and Caribbean States) with its offices divided between Caracas and Havana, and ALBA (The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) were formed.
    The personal ambition of the Castro brothers was to lead that proposed model and by so doing to further extend their power and control, Chavez was content to be Leader-in-waiting. That thirst for extension of communist dictatorship remains unquenched.
    Like the non-elected in free vote communist dictators who subject to Russian agreement, controlled the occupied countries of Eastern Europe, Ortega, Maduro et al are prepared to acquiesce to the leadership of Raul Castro, knowing that its duration is limited by his age and each hoping to succeed him.
    That is one of the problems of dictatorship, only one person holds the ultimate power.
    Almagro is right to raise the ugly subject of communist methods and repression. His statement that: “The rights of the Cuban people to democracy are equal to the rights of any citizen of the Americas.” raises that faint hope which burns deep in so many Cubans, that the day may come when they know freedom from the scourge of communism dictatorship.

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