Another Political Candidate Killed in Mexico

Amid surge of pre-election assassinations

By Democracy Now

In Mexico, a mayoral candidate in the city of Moroleón was assassinated Tuesday ahead of the June 6 legislative elections, when thousands of local candidates will be chosen. Witnesses say two armed men arrived at a campaign event for Alma Barragán and shot her dead, injuring two other people. On the same day, armed men kidnapped Omar Plancarte, a Green Party mayoral candidate in the state of Michoacán. At least 34 political candidates were murdered in Mexico this year. This is Mexican security analyst Alejandro Hope.

Alejandro Hope: “The attacks against the candidates are only the surface of the violence that is being exercised. There are threats. There are various acts of intimidation, many of which are kept quiet by the candidates. There are not such showy interventions, but they can be very insidious in the process, which can determine the outcome of the election in some places.”

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