Canadian Postal Workers on Cuba/Cuban 5

HAVANA TIMES — Canadian Postal workers have a long tradition of support for the Cuban revolution. The following wording has been included in the 2012 Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) national constitution regarding its policy on Cuba and the Cuban Five case.

CUBA is a country struggling to maintain its identity, politics and culture, faced with the United States of America imposed embargo.

The Helms-Burton Laws is draconian, evil and dictatorial and the people of Cuba are suffering from shortages including food, medicines, educational supplies and most of the basic necessities of life.

Cubans should be the ones to direct their own futures and should be the ones to elect their form of government.

CUPW actively supports the Cuban people by opposing the Helms-Burton Law, opposing the United States embargo against Cuba, calling on the Canadian government to pressure all countries around the world to intervene peacefully on Cuba’s behalf, calling on the US government to withdraw support for the Helms-Burton Law and the embargo against Cuba.

CUPW encourages delegations of members to Cuba to escalate International Solidarity work with Cuban workers by assisting with the setting up of solidarity committees in the locals across the country.

CUPW will invite Cuban workers to visit our Union offices and locals in Canada.  
The Union pledges international solidarity with the Cuban workers. Insofar as possible, the national and regional education programs will include material on the Cuban struggle.

CUPW will co-operate with unions, coalitions and various organizations fighting to ensure that the principle of non-economic interference in the affairs of a country by another is applied.

CUPW recognizes that Ramon Labanino, Rene Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Gerardo Hernandez, known as ‘Cuban Five’, had a mission to protect Cuba from anti-Cuban activity based in the United States.

CUPW recognizes that the activities of the Cuban Five did not involve violence against the US, use of weapons, property damage, or the transfer of any classified material, CUPW demands that the US government free the Cuban Five political prisoners held in US prisons.

CUPW will work with our allies to pressure the U.S Government to allow the right of regular visits, including the immediate granting of humanitarian visas to the partners of the Cuban Five.

CUPW will work our allies to pressure the US government to immediately allow all US citizens unrestricted travel to Cuba.”