Chavez Suffers New Respiratory Infection

Photo of Hugo Chavez with his daughters on Feb. 14, a few days befroe he left Cuba for Venezuela.

HAVANA TIMES – The health of Venezuelan President  Hugo Chavez continues to be “sensitive” because of a “new and severe” respiratory infection, the government said today.

Minister of Communication and Information, Ernesto Villegas said in a new statement that a “worsening of respiratory function” exists as the president receives his “severe impact” chemotherapy treatment, reported dpa news.

“Two weeks after returning to the Venezuelan homeland by choice, after surgery in Havana on December 11, there is, as of today, a worsening of respiratory function, related to the immunosuppressive state of his clinical situation. He now presents a new and severe infection,” states the message to the country.

“The general condition remains delicate. The president remains clinging to Christ and life, aware of the difficulties he is facing and in strict compliance with the program designed by his medical team.”

Villegas said the government in charge in the absence of Chavez continues to accompany the children and other relatives of the president in “this battle, full of love and spirituality.”

He urged the people to keep fighting the rumor campaign “made in foreign laboratories with loud speakers in the corrupt right-wingers of Venezuela who seek to generate violence as the pretext for foreign intervention.”

Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba on December 11 for the fourth time for the cancer found in the abdominal area.  Since then he has not had direct contact with the population.

The government has repeatedly said that due to respiratory failure Chavez requires a tracheal cannula for breathing and therefore communicates in writing.


2 thoughts on “Chavez Suffers New Respiratory Infection

  • What the hell’s it to you, Moses?

    What is surreal are your insistent, arrogant recommendations as to what he ought to do, or ought to be doing.

    Hugo hopes to return to active head of the government, as a majority of the Venezuelan people favor and hope. He will either recover and resume his elected position, or he will die and the people , by one route or another, will select a new President.

    I recommend that you shut up and stop making an ass of yourself by blaring out what you, in your self-assured wisdom, think President Chavez ought to do.

  • This is surreal! This guy still refuses to step down. Does anyone believe that he is fully in control of his faculties and battling respiratory infection and cancer at the same time? He should resign and focus on his recovery (I can’t believe I wrote that) or simply spend his last days with loved ones. Besides, with a working organ grinder, he could still call the shots with Maduro as the new President.

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