Chile Runoff Will Pit Rightwing Populist Against Student Protest Leader

Jose Antonio Kast won the first round and now faces former student leader Gabriel Boric in the December 19th runoff vote.

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Chile, two presidential candidates — a far-right populist and a former student protest leader — will face off in a runoff election next month after neither candidate received enough votes Sunday to declare victory. With more than 90 percent of ballots counted, far-right presidential hopeful José Antonio Kast appeared to lead in the first round. Kast opposes abortion and marriage equality, and ran a campaign on anti-immigration rhetoric. He’s also an apologist for the former U.S.-backed Pinochet dictatorship. Meanwhile, Gabriel Boric is a 35-year-old, former student activist, who supports progressive social reforms and an overhaul of neoliberal economic policies.

These were the results from Sunday’s voting:

  • José Antonio Kast: 27,91%
  • Gabriel Boric: 25,83%
  • Sebastián Shichel 12,79%
  • Franco Parisi 12,80%
  • Yasna Provoste 11,61%

The runoff elections will be on December 19th.

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One thought on “Chile Runoff Will Pit Rightwing Populist Against Student Protest Leader

  • A typical example of collusion between conservatism and the far right.
    Despite the countless examples over the decades, some Conservatives deny that this collusion has ever existed.

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