Copenhagen Was a Farce, says FM

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 22 – Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described the UN Conference on Climate Change, held in Copenhagen, as an “anti-democratic farce.”   In statements to the press in the island’s capital, Rodriguez strongly criticized countries such as the United States and Great Britain for their interest in approving an agreement which in the end was only taken note of due to several nations’ opposition, reported IPS.

For more on the Climate Change conference see the commentary by Armando Chaguaceda.

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Was a Farce, says FM

  • “If” Janine would realize that blaming the people for the ills of monopoly capitalism merely helps the environment-raping monopolist empire continue its destruction of the earth, we’d be one person closer to a cooperative socialist world transformation.

  • if the 100,000 plus citizens who comprised the “peoples’ summit,” the ones marching peacefully (and being arrested for it) were to have agreed to simplify their lifestyles, then it’s not a complete loss. did they, perhaps, agree to quit drinking coffee? quit oppressing animals and the earth and instead go vegan? sell their cars and ride bicycles and public transit instead? if they crafted any such agreement, even in their individual mindsets, then the conference was not a complete waste.

    many of us environmentalists, who live simply so that others may simply live, gave up waiting for the politicos long ago. we just gotta do it ourselves! when the people lead, maybe the leaders will follow. maybe not. but one of the only powers we have, under capitalism, is the law of supply and demand. buy local. buy organic. plant gardens. use less energy. if the hearts and minds of a portion of the 7 billion would only do that …

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