Cuba Denounces US Campaign against Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro celebrates the vote on Sunday that gives him an all-powerful Constituent Assembly.

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government today denounced an “international operation” against Venezuela stemming from the United States to ignore the results of Sunday’s National Constituent Assembly, reported dpa news.

“Cuba denounces the launch of a well-planned international operation, directed from Washington, with the support of the Secretary General of the OAS, aimed at silencing the voice of the Venezuelan people,” said the official statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The Cuban government said that the US campaign against the National Constituent Assembly seeks to “ignore the people’s will and impose surrender by means of attacks and economic sanctions.”

The Venezuelan government announced that more than eight million people, 41.5 percent of the eligible voters, participated Sunday in the voting for the National Constituent Assembly. The opposition called for abstention in what it considered a “fraudulent” process.

“Venezuela went to the polls like never before in a constituent process,” said the official statement read on the state television late night news.

The Cuban government said that the Venezuelan people “defied violent street blockings, economic sabotage and international threats.”

“We reiterate our unwavering solidarity with the Bolivarian and Chavez people and government and with its civic-military unity led by the constitutional president Nicolas Maduro,” said the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The support of the Cuban government comes in addition to that of El Salvador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, which have also given their support to Maduro.

In contrast, most Latin American countries did not recognize the electoral results. The European Union also did not support the process and the United States responded by applying legal and legal sanctions.

14 thoughts on “Cuba Denounces US Campaign against Venezuela

  • Yeah man!

  • Thanks Carlyle. I didn’t know where to start with any kind of a reasonable response to KEC. I decided to pass. Crazy! That’s the only word that’s fitting. And no worries… you know that we can always enjoy some beers together at any time when in Cam to continue debating our differences, tongue in cheek, and when smiling face to face.

  • That CUBALIBRE is a suitable riposte to give to a comedian! Well done!

  • “Why should Cuba allow the USA to dictate to the Sovereign Country of Venezuela?”
    The question Kennedy Earle Clarke is: Why is it Cuba’s business to interfere in Venezuela’s affairs?
    Quit frothing at the mouth and try thinking with a clear mind.

  • Oh Terry, now you are: “dangerously crooked”. Never mind, despite our open disagreements, I would still enjoy having a beer with you!
    Kennedy Earle Clarke just rants in ignorance and confusion.

  • All I can do is smile :-)… Well said!

  • Why should Cuba allow the USA to dictate to the Sovereign Country of Venezuela? The USA kicked out the United Kindom which was its colonial master because the USA did not believe that they were treated decently. The same USA which fought for its Independence from Britain, is denying other countries from doing the same thing that it did. Could any country follow the example of the USA?

    If they did, they will be doomed for they would be introducing exploitation. discrimination as in the Southern States and the KLU KLUX KLAN, lynchings, burnings to the cross by the Klan and over populated prisons! What about the Electoral system in the USA, which reeks of so many flaws and is an insult for any thing referred to as DEMOCRACY? That flawed system, is it a good example for the world to follow? Brother Michael, unlike you,Cuba is a country which stands for and abides by PRINCIPLES! It would never disown or abandon its friend, Venezuela at a time when it needs moral support against the BIG BULLY, for, it too, has suffered what Venezuela is suffering today, at the hands of the BULLY!

  • Brother Terry, Today, the US Congress has imposed sanctions on Russia for meddling in the US Elections of 2016. Venezuela is a Sovereign Country and has the right to change its electoral system whenever it wishes. Aren’t you and the USA meddling in its elections the same way that you accuse Russia of doing? In Venezuela, President Madura was democratically elected, so, how dare you or others refer to him as a Dictator? Were you concerned about the plight of Black people in South Africa under the Apartheid system, 1948-1991?

    Did you whisper a word of Protest when Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years for fighting the system which was degrading his people? I did not hear any whisper from the Great USA who believes in Human Rights and Human Rights Abuses either?. Do you DETECT HYPOCRISY which stinks to the high heavens?

    It is a known fact that anyone who works in the interest of the WRETCHED of the EARTH, is always referred to as a dictator and the wicked dictators who oppress their people so that their natural resources could be plundered, are called allies. What is happening in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait,The United Arab Emirate where elections are never held? Why aren’t you, the USA and the other biased and hypocritical people in the world not criticizing these countries for not allowing their people to vote?

    Do you see how dangerously crooked you are? Women in Saudi Arabia cannot even drive a car, but this is of no concern to you. No! You bury your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich unconcerned about the plight of your fellowmen and women. Hypocrite!.When the USA accuses Russia of meddling, how many lawfully elected leaders in the world have the USA either overthrown, toppled or assassinated? There is something called Karma. My departed grandmother had a saying, “You spit up in the air, the saliva falls right back into your face.”.

    If there was any meddling in the Elections of the USA by Russia, isn’t the USA reaping just what it has sown? The conflict in Venezuela stems from the fact that President Madura is bringing social justice to the down trodden, neglected, degraded, oppressed, exploited, dehumanized people of the country who have been considered to be second class citizens by the rich opposition forces of the land. He is bringing the dignity to them as human beings created in the image and likeness of their Creator.

    He and Chavez have opened up schools where there was none, opened up hospitals where there was non, improved the housing situation where there was none and this is irking the rich and the privileged of the land, who believe that they and they alone were ordained to partake of all the fruits of the land. It is out of LOVE, CONCERN, COMPASSION for their fellowmen, why Both Chavez and Madura have taken the Socialist pathway, for no one can take an exploitative and oppressive system like capitalism to liberate an oprressed people for it is capitalism which breeds exploitation, slavery, oppression, segregation, degradation and high crime rates.

  • Birds of a feather flock together….

  • The Cuban message in brief:
    “Welcome to the Dictators club.”

  • I’m not impressed at all. Sometimes it’s simply better to keep one’s mouth shut, and in this instance, that would have been the more prudent thing to do. Continuing to publicly side with Muduro’s sinking ship and bogus intentions is an absolute betrayal of the truth. They’ve made an enormous mistake. The Cuban government has done more to harm itself now in the eyes of the world than at any time within the last 20 years. All of their gains with world popular opinion and support for what’s right with Cuba have now been dashed. There has never been a more clearly evident admission and juxtaposition of the cliche… guilty by association. Big mistake.

  • Ecuador, under new presidential leadership, has refrained from comment. I guess the ‘old band’ won’t be getting back together after all.

  • I’ve learned two things in life– Never kick an inanimate object and never back a loser.
    Maduro is a loser.
    It has been a big mistake for the Castro government to back (possibly even conspire with) Maduro and his attempt (now successful) to set up a dictatorship in Venezuela.
    I’m sure the reasons were twofold. One, Fidel loved Chavez for Chavez. Secondarily he loved him for his oil. So any successor to Chavez would be loved, if only for his oil.
    Problem is, that oil is not flowing to Cuba the way it used to. And it never will again.
    But now Cuba has China and a return to relations with Russia, both of which can bring barrels of oil to Cuba.
    There’s no need for the Castro regime to back Maduro for oil. It can only harm the regime’s relations with the U.S.
    Cuba should let Venezuela go.
    And don’t kick the U.S. It’s a policy-inanimate object.

  • No one cares what Cuba says in this matter. It’s meaningless.

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