Cuba Elected to UN Human Rights Council

HAVANA TIMES – The General Assembly of the United Nations elected Cuba  along with 13 other nations to join the Human Rights Council for the coming period.

The Council will begin its functions in 2014 with 13 countries from Africa , 13 from Asia -Pacific, 8 from Latin America and the Caribbean , 7 Western European and other States , and 6 from Eastern Europe.

The Cuban ambassador to the human rights organizations , Anayansi Rodriguez, said the vote is a recognition of the island , which “has been promoting initiatives concerning the right to food,  the promotion of cultural rights and respect for cultural diversity.”

In 2006, the Council replaced the former Human Rights Committee Forum, criticized because of its “double standards and selective attacks against developing countries.”

However, critics of the Cuban system have presented complaints of violations of civil and political rights on the island, which have been ignored by the Cuban government.

10 thoughts on “Cuba Elected to UN Human Rights Council

  • How about internet access?

  • So your citizens can leave your island?
    Can they vote for an opposition party?
    Freedom of press per chance?

  • Great, but remember that the most heinous violator of human rights is immune from accountability/prosecution: the outlaw and macabre country that calls itself the United States of America.

    Today we have global mind control through torture (physical &

    psychological),*forced suicide, mass murder, selective assassinations and fear thereof, caused by the **overthrown government of the usa and its allies; this ‘fear’ phenomenon is in a sense equivalent to a virus that affects the majority of the world population, and I dub each perpetrator of such assaults on human beings as representative of the ***living dead.




    I defended an evil nation:

    Drones, etc:

  • Your typographical error, “jerky” probably mirrors your (maybe not so) subliminal assessment of the jury system, Griffin.
    Of course drones are not sentient beings, but are controlled by the officers and enlisted men who opperate them. The intelligence of those who control these drones, however, are often flawed, especially since the U.S. lacks sufficient native speakers of Arabic, and even some of the few they have were purged for “political unreliability” (read not going along with our policy of Israel always being right, etc.) Hence, many of the “on the ground” intelligence sources in places like Yemen, Pakistan, etc., are just tribes and factions who are feuding with other tribes or factions (just as was the case in the 18th and 19th Centuries, when the original colonial authorities divided and conquered Asia, Africa and Latin America). Hence, the folks taken out by these drones are not Taliban or Al Quaida, but merely the enemies of the tribes or factions giving us the “intelligence.” (example: the flawed intelligence we received about weapons of mass descrution in Iraq). As a result, our wars of aggression often create unintended results, as in Iraq, where the Shia have now come to power and are allied with Iran; also, how the extremists in Syria are now persecuting all Shia, Alawaits, Christians, etc.; hence those folks see now alternative than to support the Assad regime, who at least protect them from the murderous Wahabbi Sunni sect. No, there are many, many innocents who have been murdered as a direct consequence of U.S. policy. Just look at Iraq!

  • Drones are not sentient beings, acting as judge, jerky, etc…Drones are machines operated by people who happen to be trained disciplined soldiers acting under orders from their officers who are in turn under the command of the civilian Commander in Chief.

    Now, do you know why “innocents” or civilians are sometimes killed in these drone attacks? That’s because Al Qaeda and the Taliban routinely use human shields to protect themselves from such attacks. That’s a war crime, in case you’re counting, but we know you’re not. You’re stripe will always give a pass to terrorists while holding the US to unrealistic standards.

    You do realize, don’t you, that while the US tries to avoid civilian casualties and sometimes miss and kill civilians by accident, Al Qaeda make civilians the primary target of their attacks and avoid engaging the highly professional and effective soldiers of the US military.

    The US has withheld funds to UNESCO because that UN organization has funded the production and dissemination of racist, eliminationist propaganda directed against Jews. Palestinian school text books calling for the extermination of the Jews do not deserve funding by the UN.

  • Au contraire, Griffin, it is the U.S., (rather than Cuba) who has no moral credibility, especially with its drones acting as judge, jury and executioner, killing many innocents (along with a few of the so-called “guilty)” in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc. Cuba has far more right to be on the U.N.’s Human Rights Council than the U.S. Since most U.N. member states voted to accept Palestine as an observing member, the U.S. threw a hissy-fit, and has refused to pay its dues to UNESCO., hence increasing the suffering of children in the Developing World. In response to the shameful conduct of “our” government, I urge all HT readers to give extra to the UNESCO Children’s Fund Appeal this year!

  • well,no still waiting for some moderation.demd!all moderators!!

  • at long last theres hope for human rights!viva cuba!

  • The UN has long been an absurd, corrupt, dysfunctional and hypocritical talking shop for diplomats. Along with Cuba, several of the world’s worst human rights abusers, (China, Russia, & Saudi Arabia) now sit on the UNHRC. When you see things like this, it helps put into perspective events like the vote to condemn the US embargo on Cuba. The UN has no moral credibility whatsoever. None.

  • Sometimes the best disinfectant is sunlight. Optimistically, as a member of the Council, these rogue violators of Human Rights may be less likely to continue with their business as usual approach to denying their citizens their basic human rights. The fact is that the UN is more bark than bite and this will likely have no effect at all.

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