Cuba Reacts to Haiti Earthquake

By Circles Robinson

Havana sounds the bell for Haiti. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 13 — Cuban President Raul Castro sent his condolences to Haiti’s President Rene Preval after a major 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday caused devastation and widespread loss of lives in Port au Prince.  Castro promised the “unselfish” help of the Cuban people in these difficult moments.

Cuban families back home were relieved to learn that all the 152 Cuban medical and education personnel working in the Haitian capital were reported to be in good health.  Two suffered minor injuries during the quake on late Tuesday afternoon.

The island’s media reported that “The Cuban medical brigade providing services in Port-au-Prince has already established a new hospital camp next to the one that was brought down by the earthquake.”

By Wednesday morning, “more than 800 patients had already been provided medical care including some operations.”

The TV news reported that an additional medical brigade from Cuba will arrive soon in Haiti, equipped with the medicines, clothes, food, saline solution and plasma bags needed for such emergency situations.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said Wednesday helping Haiti was a priority for Cuba “following a devastating earthquake that caused huge human and material loss in that country.”

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  • April 13, 2011 at 1:20 am

    Boston Pat you are racist period. I am Haitian and been in Canada for 16 years I am so glad I do not live in America. First of all you cannot catch Aids by just showing to Haiti majority of Haitians do not have Aids. Haiti is a catholic country and a latin one also and many many people also do voodoo what is wrong with that. My father practice it and i hope all your decent will be cursed for saying things about Haiti and its people. You know whats wrong with Haiti mess because of the slave master descents go read the History of the country. The Haitian people are majority black and 30% are mulattoes slaves masters descent that keep stealing money from the rest of the population.Where did they learn that from slave masters teaching and I am sure those slave masters would be happy.

  • January 30, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    It goog to hear so much news about the help Haiti got from so many countries, Israel, England and all of Europe, the USA, Canada and even little Jamaica but no one remember that Cuba is also helping in possible the biggest way with what little resources they have(due to the long embargo) but I know GOD will continue to bless that little nation, HE has kept them going against all odds and I know they will rise to be great and be recognized by all
    Let me say Thanks to all the countries that are helping so graeatly and let me (also) say thanks to the PEOPLE OF CUBA for helping our brother and sisters in Haiti your good work has been recognized by all those WITH A HEART…………………Horace Kirlew

  • January 26, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Many Haitians emigrated to Cuba after Castro took power. Cuba was a refuge for them.

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