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Havana sounds the bell for Haiti. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 13 — Cuban President Raul Castro sent his condolences to Haiti’s President Rene Preval after a major 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday caused devastation and widespread loss of lives in Port au Prince.  Castro promised the “unselfish” help of the Cuban people in these difficult moments.

Cuban families back home were relieved to learn that all the 152 Cuban medical and education personnel working in the Haitian capital were reported to be in good health.  Two suffered minor injuries during the quake on late Tuesday afternoon.

The island’s media reported that “The Cuban medical brigade providing services in Port-au-Prince has already established a new hospital camp next to the one that was brought down by the earthquake.”

By Wednesday morning, “more than 800 patients had already been provided medical care including some operations.”

The TV news reported that an additional medical brigade from Cuba will arrive soon in Haiti, equipped with the medicines, clothes, food, saline solution and plasma bags needed for such emergency situations.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said Wednesday helping Haiti was a priority for Cuba “following a devastating earthquake that caused huge human and material loss in that country.”

27 thoughts on “Cuba Reacts to Haiti Earthquake

  • Many Haitians emigrated to Cuba after Castro took power. Cuba was a refuge for them.

  • Hi !
    Thanks to Internet we can inform everybody about Cuba and their humanitarian aid and solidarity.
    I used to live in ex Yugoslavia and I know power of Us media and lies about everything.
    Cuba is perfect example of humanity and solidarity ,great people and I would like to visit Cuba many many times to come
    Viva revolution

  • Cuba is always overlooked for what they do and have done to help people in general. Their work in this world goes far beyond that of the Untited States when you compare the size. The Cubans many times do not have a political reason for helping as the United States must. Although they are poor and things are hard to get in Cuba they have their priorities in line with what is right. People there can go see a doctor and not be afraid of losing everything if they are sick and need more care. People are treated like people and not rich people and poor people like the US. Their response in Haiti and the lack of any coverage on what they have done is not surprising but par for the course. As time goes by I become more and more embaressed to be a US citizen.

  • What happens when boatloads of Haitians arrive on Cuba’s shores? Is this happening yet?

  • My heart goes out for the people of Haiti. But could this had been an artificial Earthquake designed in form of a natural disaster. Could Cuba have been the actual target?? Research Chemtrails and HAARP project/technology.

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