Cuba Regrets US Decision to Withdraw Diplomats

Josefina Vidal, the representative for Cuba in the talks that led to rapprochement between the two countries, gave the Castro government’s comments on the US decision.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government today called the United States’ decision to withdraw most of its diplomatic personnel on the island “hasty,” and said the decision would affect relations between the two countries.

“We believe that the decision announced today by the US Government through the State Department is hurried and will affect bilateral relations,” said Josefina Vidal, the United States director of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Vidal reiterated on State television the will of the Cuban government to continue “active cooperation between the authorities of the countries,” which restored diplomatic relations in 2015.

Washington announced earlier on Friday that it will reduce its diplomatic representation by more than half and warned its citizens not to travel to Cuba because of mysterious “attacks” that affected 21 members of its staff.

Among other symptoms, government workers have allegedly suffered from hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, fatigue, cognitive problems and difficulty in sleeping.

The first cases were known but not made public in November 2016 and the most recent were recorded in August, a senior State Department official said today.

The withdrawal of most of the staff will mean suspending the issuance of regular visas at the US Embassy in Havana whose operations will be limited to consular assistance to US citizens.

The United States also suspended meetings with Cuban authorities on the island, although these bilateral meetings will continue to take place in the United States.

The measure undermines the climate but does not mean the rupture in diplomatic relations between the two countries, resumed under the Obama administration after decades of confrontation.

Raul Castro’s government has assured that it has nothing to do with these events and Washington has not directly accused it.  However the Trump government does blame Havana for not protecting the diplomatic staff as required by the Vienna Convention.

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  • I am not a great student of Politics. I am what you might call an idealist and also an optimist. I know that is a lot for people to accept. I was born in Ireland so I understand what it is or has been to be an occupied country. I was born in the south(Republic) the North of the country is still well in the hands of the English and England. Cuba is not a country that is occupied in part by a foreign country, the people of the whole island of Cuba are governed by one government, unlike my homeland! I just want people of all countries to be in charge of their own destiny, whatever that turns out to be! Best of luck Moses. Good biblical name you have!

  • Maybe you are right. The more than 20 people affected, their physicians and medical personnel, the US and Canadian governments, the various press outlets, etc. all got together to blame this on Cuba. Because Cuba is so important right now on the world stage given the low profile news coming out of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela that a story about CUBA needed to be invented.

  • I doubt it.

  • “America” is the víctim here.

  • America once again playing with peoples lives and living standards yet again!

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