Cuba Responds to Climate Change

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 26 – To respond to climate change it is necessary to change the current production and consumption patterns on the road to a sustainable economic model, affirmed Pedro Núñez, Cuba’s permanent ambassador to the UN. The official affirmed that the survival of humanity depends on a world energy revolution, reported IPS.

One thought on “Cuba Responds to Climate Change

  • A thermonuclear research reactor (ITER) has been established by 6 national entities at Cadarache, France, to develop clean, inexhaustible “fusion” nuclear power. These entities are the EU, China, India, Japan, South Korea and the US. This technology should solve energy problems–and salt-water desalinization problems–in about a quarter-century.

    In that same 25-year period, the burning of fossil fuels–mainly coal and oil–will have altered the world climate to such a degree that ecological and economic will have devastated the world. What is needed is immediate cessation of fossil fuel extraction and burning.

    30 years ago the US had begun to build such a reactor at Waco, Texas. Due to the so-called Iran Hostage Crisis, the right-wing of the Repubican Party–under Reagan–was able to take over the US government and scuttle the Waco Project. This has doomed civilization to the ecological crisis we face today.

    Yet, no one points this out. I wonder why?

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