Cuba to Allow More Tourist Flights from Russia

Everyone is sleeping, including the cat!.  Taken at the Roc Barlevento Hotel, Varadero, Cuba by Ruth Larson of Canada. 

HAVANA TIMES – Russian tourists seeking sun and beaches will begin arriving in larger numbers as of April 1st. The official Cubadebate website reports today that while flights from other tourist markets remain highly limited the expansion of flights from Moscow to Varadero is about to begin.

Cuba is experiencing an unprecedented uptick of Covid-19 cases. More positive cases are reported in February and March 2021, than the entire preceeding year. However, the government believes they can keep things under control by isolating the visitors at State owned tourist resorts.

The same occurs at the Cayo Coco hotels to the north of Ciego de Avila province.

The tourists must present a certified PCR negative test taken 72 hours before the flight and then they will be subjected to another exam in Cuba.

Gaviota, the military corporation chain of hotels around the country, many under foreign company management, will benefit from the increased Russian tourism. The visitors won’t be staying at private rentals known as casa particulares.

Cubadebate estimates that 2,500 to 3,500 Russian tourists can arrive weekly on flights by Aeroflot, Rossiya, AZUR Air, NordWind and Royal Flight airlines.

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  • Brian, you are scum for wishing more COVID on the Cuban population. You really need serious psychological help and hope you get it soon.

  • The very best of luck, Cuba.
    Russian’s are certainly not renowned for being big spenders on holiday anyway.
    Hope you enjoy catching their Covid variant and Customs are able to spot their forged Covid certificates.

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