Cuba to Sell Condos to Foreigners

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 2 — Cuba will build residential complexes annexed to 16 new golf courses, whose dwellings can be purchased by persons from other countries, affirmed Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero.  The official said that the measure should come into force before the end of the year, after the legal regulations have concluded regarding aspects such as the sales contracts and the immigration status of the owners, reported IPS.

5 thoughts on “Cuba to Sell Condos to Foreigners

  • Cuba is not an attractive country to me. While the boosters may claim free medical, cheap food, and low house prices – I have no desire to live in a country with an oppressive regime controlling people’s lives.

    Get a clue. Make a raft and make your way to Florida. Just try to avoid big splotches of oil on the way.

  • It all depends on which market they’re going for. Many older Americans have been priced out of the condo market here–at least before the recent collapse. For example, while condos were going for $250,000+ in San Diego, CA, a mere 100 km south, in Ensenada, Baja Califorina, they were going for $45,000. Likewise, a retired woman of limited income in my book group who lives in a shabby downtown hotel from April through November, escapes our harsh Vermont winters and spends December-March sharing a condo with friends in Todos Santos, B.C./Sur. A growing minority of knowledgable working-class and lower-middle-class Americans have found that they can actually live on their social security if they go South of the Border. Why shouldn’t Cuba cash in on this market?
    Alas! grok, I’ve become a “revissionist” (social democrat flavor) in my old age!

  • I’ve stated elsewhere what I think about the cuban bureaucrats who want to introduce the condo-golfcourse lifestyle to Cuba — using the present ‘Special Period Part Deux’ as the convenient excuse for this outrageous sellout. Such a thing cannot be allowed to come to pass. What will this teach cubans about their country and their future under “Socialism”..? This is demoralizing AND un-socialist. It is the clear, unambiguous signal for the capitalist restoration in Cuba, AFAIC — whatever the misdirecting dodge about it ‘only being limited-term leases’ now, as opposed to outright sale as before.

    This development cannot be allowed to pass — or it threatens to widen the imperialist penetration of Cuba thru its continuing economic weakness. And right when imperialism itself is on the ropes, too. Disgusting.

  • Oops! “realy” = rely.
    “kands” = lands

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. What percentage of the condo will be “owner owned? Can the owner of the condo have his condo taken from him at the discretion of the government? We all know what happened last time when there was foreign ownership of land, factories land houses. It is obvious that the price of the condos will be out of reach of most tourists. Only the super rich will be able to afford the condos. Well, the Cuban has to rid themselves of debt. They cannot realy merely on the Cuban/American tourist who kands at the airport. (Creo que ustedes saben de lo que estoy diciendo. Verdad?)

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