Cuban Farmer Produce Biogas in Bags

HAVANA TIMES — Daniel Garcia, a farmer living on the edge of the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, produces homemade “biogas”(gas produced by breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen) that he stores in plastic bags, reported the Granma newspaper.

Six months ago, Garcia rigged up a “bio-digester” to service the swine producing part of his farm, after which the high gas production forced him to come up with a way to store the excess product.

“With these bags, there’s no need to compress the gas, therefore the process is much easier and more efficient. I simply connect the same hose to the stove, and an individual air bag will inflate like a balloon,” explained the farmer.

Each bag can take 30 minutes to fill but provides enough gas for a family of three to prepare their food for two days.

The farmer’s new technique provides clean and safe energy, and now also supplies cooking gas for three nearby homes.