Cuban Five Parolee Rene Gonzalez Granted a 2-Week Visit with His Family

to attend his father’s memorial service

Rene Gonzalez and his father Candido.
Rene Gonzalez and his father Candido.  Photo: National Committee to Free the Cuban Five

HAVANA TIMES — Federal Judge Joan Lenard has once again granted permission for paroled Cuban agent Rene Gonzalez to visit Cuba for two weeks, this time to attend a memorial service for his father Cándido, who died on April 1.

Gonzalez still needs to obtain a passport from the U.S. State Department in order to travel. Last year, when he was also granted permission for a 2-week visit to see his terminally ill brother Roberto, the State Dept. took 10 days to issue the passport, and it was only valid for 30 days.

The only “freed” member of the Cuban Five (convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage and other charges) is serving the second of three years on parole in the U.S. after having finished his 13-year prison sentence in October 2011.

His motion to be allowed to spend the rest of his parole in Cuba, which is a common practice for parolees from other countries, has been pending before the Judge for ten months.

Among the conditions placed by Judge Lenard for Gonzalez’s trip home are no contact with Cuban intelligence officials, submission of a detailed travel itinerary and regular communication with Gonzalez’s probation officer in the United States.

6 thoughts on “Cuban Five Parolee Rene Gonzalez Granted a 2-Week Visit with His Family

  • Yes, Moses, how easily those words slip off your tongue. “He is a spy” – now branded, condemned, worthy of your contempt, case closed. Really, actually, what does that say about yourself Mr. Moses? What kind of a human being are your, really?

  • spying to prevent more bombings in havana. and why is carriles free?

  • this is another case of illegal detention. the cuban five were in the us to uncover plots to bomb hotels and other acts of sabotage by anti castro cubans. we now have at least 88 prisoners in guantanamo who have been cleared of any illegal activity and they continue to be held. we can hardly complain about other countries lack of respect for human rights when we are violators. our only concern seems to be with allan gross.

  • He isn’t a spy – he wasn’t looking into the US Government. He was trying to learn about the plots against Cuba by the Miami greaseballs

  • He is spy who got caught. Nothing more.

  • Es un de los heroes verdaderos. Que diferencia con Nuestra Senora de la Cobra, la Y.

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