Cuban Journalist Emigrates to USA

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban journalist Daniel Benitez, 30, who came to the United States in late July, is considered part of a generation marked by political skepticism and the search for survival, reports the Miami-based website Café Fuerte.

“I belong to the generation that is skeptical, concerned with survival and suspicious of anything that smacks of political discourse, I am of an age group that would prefer to escape before thinking about the fate of the country,” said Benitez.

“Everything is cooked in the same sauce and the measures taken are for temporary fixes, because in the end nothing gets resolved,” said the journalist, referring to the changes being promoted by the Raul Castro government.

Benitez, who had been fired from his job as a reporter for the National Information Agency for maintaining a relationship with a Cuban living in Miami, managed to travel to Cancun Mexico on July 16, and a week later crossed the border into the USA where the authorities welcome Cubans under the Cuban Adjustment Act that gives them special immigration priveleges.