Cuba’s Fidel Castro Reappears in Public

Voting at his polling station

Fidel Castro voting on Sunday. Foto: TeleSur

HAVANA TIMES — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro reappeared in public on Sunday to vote in the island’s parliamentary elections, ten months after last being seen live on television, reported DPA news.

Castro, 86, turned out to vote in person in Havana, according to footage shown on Cuban state television and Telesur.

Castro appeared around five in the afternoon at the polling station in the Havana neighborhood of Vedado where he has voted since 1976. The veteran Cuban leader also spoke a few words with the Cuban media.

“I am sure that the people (Cuban) are a revolutionary people that have made great sacrifices,” Castro said in a weak and paused voice before the television cameras. Reportedly, Castro spoke for an hour with those present.

The last time Fidel was seen live on TV was during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI at the end of March 2012.

Despite being retired from power since 2006, the former president was once again a candidate to the National Assembly, nominated for the city of Santiago de Cuba.

The slate of 612 candidates up for election to a new legislature are expected to reelect Raul Castro as Cuba’s president when they hold their first session in February.


6 thoughts on “Cuba’s Fidel Castro Reappears in Public

  • For a year Fidel has being working privately for the continuing success of the triumphant revolution and the benefit of its residents. A country with a high percentage of longevity due to the lack of cholesterol and ailment producing proteins. We wish him many years of continued retirement and hope that his brother Raul will join him as soon as he is ready for retirement or is not re-elected.

  • Fidel is rather different from the dictators you prefer who live in isolated splendor hidden away from their own people who would kill them .
    No president of the U.S can mingle with a crowd that has not been checked for weapons as Fidel can .
    Any Cuban COULD knife Fidel couldn’t they ?.

  • Your post disrespects–and patronizes–elders. A nation, and a person, is judged by how it, or he, treats the oldest, and youngest, of its citizens. BTW, History HAS absolved Fidel!

  • Lacoste… Super Comunist huh?

  • Alas, the new under-sea Cuba-Venezuela fibre-optic cable doesn’t reach all the way down to where Hugo resides.

  • If Fidel can attach his stoma appliance and stay-dri diapers and make it to across town to the voting place in Vedado from his home at Punto Cero at 86 years-old, surely, his mini-me, Hugo Chavez can prop himself up in a chair in his hospital room to make a video.

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