Daniel Ortega Releases 2 Prisoners, 558 Left

Cyclist Galo Gabriel Gadriz was jailed for waving the Nicaraguan flag on his bicycle.

HAVANA TIMES – In the restored “normality” of the Nicaragua of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, there are many new “crimes” that deserve imprisonment and long sentences. Any kind of peaceful protest against the rulers is considered punishable.

Carrying the Nicaraguan flag, running through the streets with a T-shirt asking for the release of one or all of the political prisoners, having in one’s possession balloons of the national colors, blue and white, giving water to demonstrators, dancing folklore, and of course participating in marches or sit-ins is strictly prohibited, except for those in favor of the government.

Today, two “dangerous” prisoners were released, according to the actions of the National Police. One, Galo Gabriel Gadriz, was kidnapped last Saturday for flying a Nicaraguan flag on his bicycle, reported 100% Noticias.

“The kidnapping of Galo was widely reported on social networks on a video showing four police patrols that were used for his illegal detention and transfer to the cells of the feared El Chipote interrogation prison.

“Galo is from Somoto and is a teacher of English and swimming. He was abducted for riding his bicycle on the streets of Managua carrying a Nicaraguan flag. Since the demonstrations against the government of Daniel Ortega began, the young cyclist took his bike and joined in,” the television station noted.

Alex Vanegas, a marathon runner with a cause

The other “awe-inspiring” prisoner released was the marathon runner Alex Vanegas, 63. It was the fourth time he was imprisoned in recent months for the “crime” of running the streets of the country in demand for the release of the now 558 political prisoners and demanding justice for the hundreds killed by the Ortega regime, reported 100% Noticias.

Vanegas is considered a symbol of the blue and white protests. He had been arrested on other occasions in Masaya, Granada and Managua.

In this last capture, Vanegas denounced that he was attacked. “One gave me a hook to the liver, but the others stopped him so he would not continue to mistreat me,” he told 100% Noticias.

Vanegas said that the police kept his cellphone saying, “they are investigating it.” He also expressed that he will continue running and protesting on the streets of Nicaragua.

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