El Salvador President Visits Cuba to Meet with Raul Castro

Salvadoran President Sanchez Ceren, arrived in Cuba on Tuesday.  Photo: Marcelino Vázquez/AIN

HAVANA TIMES — Salvadoran president Salvador Sanchez Ceren, arrived in Cuba on Tuesday for a two-day visit where he will meet with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro.

The Central American country aims to increase its trade and economic cooperation with Cuba, said Sanchez Ceren upon reaching Havana.

“I’m happy to be here and want to know more about this relationship that unites us,” said Sanchez. The former Salvadoran guerrilla leader also told Cuban TV that he felt “at home” in Cuba.

Sanchez arrived in Havana accompanied by Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez and his ministers of Finance, Tharsis Solomon, and Health, Violeta Menjivar, among other members of his cabinet.

Cuba supports the Central American country since 1992 with medical missions often sent to nations of Latin America and Africa, states the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

3 thoughts on “El Salvador President Visits Cuba to Meet with Raul Castro

  • If he rode in a brand new Chinese Geely, he would have been fortunate to get up the first incline.
    But, Moses if you look carefully at the photograph I do believe that is the headlight of a Geely! They probably had it towed by a JEEP!

  • President Sánchez, during his visit to Cuba, rode in new vehicles made in China or Russia. He ate fresh food imported from Mexico or the United States. He slept in the Hotel Nacional or one of a handful of diplomatic residences constructed in pre-revolutionary Cuba. Let’s assume that he did not want for air-conditioning or working bathrooms. Heck, who wouldn’t feel at home under these circumstances? Ojalá if Cubans could live in Cuba under these conditions.

  • If Sanchez feels at home in Cuba, issue him a ration card.

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