Fidel Castro Attends Art Opening

Fidel le dedica su libro a Kcho: “Para Kcho, genio de la cultura y la educación, con el sincero reconocimiento por la nobleza con que consagra su vida a la felicidad de los demás”. Foto: Estudios Revolución
Fidel le dedica su libro a Kcho: “Para Kcho, genio de la cultura y la educación, con el sincero reconocimiento por la nobleza con que consagra su vida a la felicidad de los demás”. Foto: Estudios Revolución

HAVANA TIMES — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro was out in public in Havana on Wednesday evening for an art opening, reported dpa news.

Castro, 87, attended the opening of an art space in Havana’s Playa district, noted the Cubadebate official website.

The only image shown of Castro was with his back to the camera, pointing to an art installation.

The Cuban leader, retired from power since 2006, has become active in public in recent weeks after months of silence.

After nearly 8 months out of the public eye, in December the official press published photos of him at home with the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and during a visit to him by the Franco-Spanish intellectual Ignacio Ramonet.

Castro also published an article honoring the late South African President Nelson Mandela.

The former President delegated power to his brother Raul in 2006 after suffering a severe intestinal disease. In the early years after giving up office he frequently published opinion pieces in the Cuban press, increasingly scarce in recent times.

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  • All you had to say, Moses, is that Raul’s appointment as president was exactly as I said. The rest of your comment is blather. You tend to make very sweeping statements. Maybe there’s something to them, but you don’t offer much convincing evidence, and your claims aren’t as obviously factual as you seem to think. And, hey! Don’t tell me what I believe. – Glen Roberts –

  • Jimmy Carter never had any intentions of stopping the U.S. war on the Cuban revolution any more than did Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I , Clinton, Bush II and now Obama .
    You do not deal with reality.
    As for fomenting revolution : Fidel stated on at least a couple of occasions including a very early interview with PBS’s Robert MacNeil that absent the already-existing conditions necessary including a revolutionary-minded populace, you cannot start /foment a revolution and neither can you stop one once those conditions are present.
    It is why Che had to go off on his own and without help from the Cuban government in his Quixotic quest to do what Fidel has always said was impossible and which ultimately got him killed.
    You fail to learn from history.

  • Officially, Raul’s ascension to the Presidency is exactly as you described. But c’mon, no one actually believes (even you I suppose) that Fidel did not first approve of this transition and the Council of State (better known as rubber stamp) simply ratified a forgone conclusion. No one save the most extreme Castro apologists will deny that Cuba is a dictatorship.

  • 1. Though I look at Granma every day, and I looked at it this morning for any article posted by Fidel about Mandela and couldn’t find it. I haven’t seen the article you mention, but I’d like to. Did you post it?
    2. Fidel did not “delegate” power to his brother. Raul was the First Vice President and, just as in most democratic countries, as vice president, he stepped into the president’s shoes when the president stepped aside. He was then appointed president, as per the Cuban Constitution, by the Council of State. U.S. embedded media always claim Fidel “passed” his “power” to his brother. Are U.S. embedded media your models? -Glen Roberts –

  • John, you could still make valid, albeit losing arguments, without resorting to lies and distortions. Yes, Fidel did release scores of common criminals ALONG with the scores of political prisoners. You are not so daff as to not be able to understand Fidel’s strategy here. What you likely fail to understand is that this lack of good faith on Fidel’s part also served to derail US President Jimmy Carter’s sincere effort to repair relations with Cuba. Fidel did not see the writing on the wall for the future of the Soviet bloc and believed improved relations with the would tie his hands in his efforts to foment revolution in Africa. Here is a link to Sonia Garro and here is a link for Yosvani Melchor

  • Your sources for this melodramatic information , please.

    and… did these people have their art work confiscated at the show as well ?
    Everyone seems to be ” arrested, beaten, tortured and jailed” in your narratives.
    Where do you get this stuff ?
    As for political prisoners, you should remember the embarrassment of the GOUSA when all the “political prisoners” were released by the Cuban authorities during the Mariel Boatlift and when they arrived in Florida and elsewhere in the U.S , they largely turned out to be the common criminals the Cuban authorities always said they were.
    Your rhetoric and propaganda are weak at best .
    you should at least learn from history so you don’t repeat idiocies.

  • Your attempt at sarcasm must be viewed from the perspective of Sonia Garro, a wife, mother and Cuban dissident who was arrested, beaten, tortured and has been jailed for more than a year because she disagrees with Fidel and participated with the Ladies in White protests. You also may wish to learn of Yosvani Melchor who is the son of Cuban democracy activist Rosa Maria Rodriguez, a leader of Oswaldo Paya’s Christian Liberation Movement (MCL). Yosvani is mentally handicapped and was arrested, beaten, tortured and sentenced to 12 years in prison as retribution for his mother’s activism. For Cuba’s political prisoners, your type of humor is no laughing matter.

  • I have it from reliable sources that Fidel was there with a huge military contingent to censor the exhibits and have those he personally disliked, beaten , tortured and jailed in order to prove the contentions of people like Moses and Fez that he still runs the country.
    That picture of him is actually his going over the long list of those who are to be imprisoned and their families deprived of all state services.
    Es verdad

  • He tried to do his very best for HIMSELF at the expense of Cuba. His megalomaniacal fantasies of things like supercows and ten million ton sugar harvests cost the Cuban people far more than we realize today. It will take generations of Cubans to come to restore the island’s social and moral core.

  • He tried to do his very best for Cuba and failed.

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