Fidel Castro Visits with Chavez’s Daughter

Mariela Gabriela Chávez and Fidel Castro.  Foto:
Mariela Gabriela Chávez and Fidel Castro. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — Maria Gabriela Chavez, the eldest daughter of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez met in Havana with former President Fidel Castro, to remember her father, she said through the Venezuelan social network Instagram.

“On my return to Cuba, I had the honor of sharing for three hours with my dear Fidel, commander of all time,” said Maria Gabriela, adding that “Fidel does not forget his friends.”

The appearance of a photo of Chavez’s daughter appears accompanied by Castro, has sparked reactions of all kinds, especially after a new wave of rumors circulating about the health of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

7 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Visits with Chavez’s Daughter

  • The last word anyone who has been awake in the last 55 years would use to describe Fidel Castro is humble. Even as a feeble, drooling, and diaper-wearing old fart, he is far from humble and unworthy of the forgiveness owed to children, the mentally infirm and seniors. Unlike your grandfather, he has ruined too many lives and very nearly destroyed an entire country. Let him seek his respect with his maker. He’ll see him soon enough.

  • That description could also fit my grandfather…but no one in my family seems to be “in awe” of his aging predicament and his attempts to hide it…proud man that he is. We’re all going to get there eventually…some with more humility than others.

  • HMM!! Since his health care with verticulitis Fidel Castro has NEVER been
    seen LIVE! Now he has time of sometimes hours to meet all the foreign
    dignitaries, students, journalists but has YET address the Cuban people!! You
    figure it out!

  • Fidel looks as old as he is. There’s no photo-retouching conspiracy here.

    What it is an example of, is the creepy Marxist tradition of the Cult of Personality. So long as Fidel lives, they will wheel him out for photo-ops like this. I don’t know what sort of satisfaction it gives to the true-believers, but it seem a perfect symbol of the decadent, morbid Cuban Revolution.

  • Hahaha! He’d be happy to look 75! Hiding a hearing aid or the bulge from his adult diapers is more like it. Wearing the addidas jacket inside his climate-controlled home is likely to cover the stoma bag he wears from the stomach surgery 8 years ago. It’s all aimed at keeping the Eternal leader of the Revolution, Comadante en Jefe, and moringa expert at keeping sycophants in awe. Given your comment, it seems to be working.

  • Oh no, I smell a conspiracy….possible photo retouching of Fidel to make him look 25 again. Please say it isn’t so! And he visits with foreigners too to hide his failing health? A bit overly dramatic don’t you think? Give me a break.

  • It is interesting that only photos are released. There are no longer videos, let alone with sound. Photos can more easily and convincingly be retouched. It is also noteworthy that Fidel chooses to stifle rumors of his failing health (even death) by visiting with foreigners. It is as if were he to give an interview to the Cuban press directly, the Cuban people would see his frailty. Like the Castro-style socialism he forced on the Cuban people, his health has one foot in the grave and the ground is slippery.

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