Fidel Castro’s Biographer Attests to His Good Health

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban writer Katiuska Blanco, Fidel Castro’s official biographer, said in Santiago de Chile that the former president “is in good health” and “is keeping up with politics” on the island and throughout the rest of Latin America, reports Notimex.

The author of Fidel Castro Ruz, Guerrillero del Tiempo, who visited Chile’s capital to participate in the International Book Fair of Santiago, said the Cuban leader “possesses a strength, toughness and discipline that have allowed his amazing recovery at 86 years of age.”

The writer said that the former president “continues to work, continues to read, and continues in be in contact with world figures.”

Blanco indicated that currently she’s working with Castro on the period following the 1959 revolution up to the present. This will complete what she called “conversations with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.”

2 thoughts on “Fidel Castro’s Biographer Attests to His Good Health

  • So interesting that Fidel Castro, a man who would speak for hours cannot appear LIVE on Cuban television for just a few minutes to put all these death or poor health rumors to rest! With so much “energy” and “focus” you would think an easy task! Something smells fishy to me! or should I say smell of death!

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