Fidel Castro’s Birthday Party in Pictures

From left: Venezuelan First Lady, Cilia Flores, President Nicolas Maduro, Dalia Soto del Valle,  Fidel's wife, Fidel, President Evo Morales and Bolivian FM David Choquehuanca.
From left: Venezuelan First Lady, Cilia Flores, President Nicolas Maduro, Dalia Soto del Valle, Fidel’s wife, Fidel, President Evo Morales and Bolivian FM David Choquehuanca.  Foto: Estudios Revolucion/

HAVANA TIMES — Fidel Castro celebrated his 89th birthday on Thursday with his guests that included presidents Evo Morales and Nicolas Maduro. The government’s Estudios Revolución was on hand to capture the gathering.

While the international press swarmed to Havana for the flag raising ceremony at the US embassy, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Friday, the main news item in the Cuban press is the good wishes to Fidel on his birthday.



10 thoughts on “Fidel Castro’s Birthday Party in Pictures

  • Thanks for nothing Hubie, that was so enlightening we are all anxiously awaiting your next brown pearl of wisdom!

  • Clearly the Cuban people deserve better than the successive Castro governments!

  • I second that, Monseigneur Gomezz, !Feliz Cumpleanos, Comandante Fidel! Just returned from N.Y.C. visiting a friend in failing health. He remembers hearing Fidel give a four-hour speech. In 1961 he, a French communist girl plus the daughter of an American lefty lawyer drove down to Miami, took a flight to Habana, and were there for the second anniversary of the Revolution. (In fact, in my archive, acquired from him, I have a brittle and yellowing copy of REVOLUCION from Jan. ’61 which states “!Invasion Yankee Inmanete!” It came three months later.
    Incidentally, some years back I used to visit a friend in an nursing home, often taking him off the unit for the afternoon. Over a year’s period, my signatures composed perhaps 3/4 of all those in the unit sign-out book. Hence, this seems a universal problem in a society where generations are alienated and segregated from one another.

  • Yes my friend, it’s so sweet to watch all the hard-core Gusanos dry up and bite the dust; and their children, lost in the American Dream, putting them out to pasture in Homes for the Aged and never visiting them; and their grandchildren not even able to speak Spanish, with tattoos, perforations and weird-colored, weird hair who they see once a year at Xmas dinner. Fidel outsmarted, outfought and outlasted the whole damned crew…
    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Comandante!

  • I’m so glad you left too and stay away, you don’t even have tamales to offer just bad mouth and a bad attitude. I’d hate to be your husband, I bet he gets no tamales either! By the way, it’s the Dominican Republic not Dominica which is an English-speaking, small, Caribbean Island. This “3rd economy” and “higher standard of living than Belgium and Holland” (right after W.W.II) is all myth, baloney, smoke&mirrors and BS you Gusanos keep on repeating over and over again. These are 1950 figures when Cuban sugar purchases by the USA were at an all time high but the $ did not trickle down to the people, it staid with the cream at the top while everyday Cubans lived worse lives than Olguita could ever imagine, I was there, she wasn’t. Then the gulf between the #2 (Canada) and #3 Cuba was gigantically gargantuan. Holland and Belgium had been devastated by the 2nd.World War, and were still in the process of rebuilding their everything so it’s no comparison with any European country in normal times. I just love to unmask your perfidious assault on our Revolution for what it is: UNGA de VACA!

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