Five Days for the Cuban 5 in Washington

Cuban-Five campaign

HAVANA TIMES — Public figures from around the globe continue to show interest in supporting the cause of the Cuban Five, and a new campaign the week of June 4-11 on their behalf is being launched by the International Committee seeking the release of the remaining three from prison.

The Committee emphasizes that numerous US jurists believe the Cubans should be decorated for their anti-terrorist work instead of being held in prison with long sentences.

One of them, Gerardo Hernandez has a double life sentence plus 15 additional years for crimes they believe were never proven.

For more information visit the page of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five.



10 thoughts on “Five Days for the Cuban 5 in Washington

  • The Cuban Five were convicted of spying on a US military installation and in the specific case of Gerardo Hernández, conspiracy to commit murder.

    Meanwhile in Havana, Allan Gross was given a 15 year sentence for bringing internet connection equipment into Cuba.

    Which sentence are you saying is inappropriately long?

  • …they admit to their spying on the Miami Cubans. Do you suggest that when Americans are caught spying in other countries ( there are very many) that 15 years imprisonment SHOULD be the accepted response? Only a fool and misanthrop would pretend to support this duration of time.

  • …the released Cubans wish not to be separated in spirit from their 3 imprisoned colleagues I believe and so they will remain the Cuban 5 until such time as all are free…I agree with, can understand and support that sentiment.

  • The Red Avispa network were agents of the Cuban Directorate of Intelligence, working undercover in the US. By any reasonable definition, that makes them spies. Some of the Cuban agents were working as employees of the airbase of the United States Southern Command where they stole classified information. That makes them spies collecting information from the US military. Any other country in the world would regard a group of agents from a hostile foreign country working undercover as engaged in illegal espionage.

    Only a fool would pretend otherwise.

  • I’m looking forward to going down to D.C. again for the Cuban 5. It is disgraceful that any of the 5 were imprissoned, even moreso that 3 of the 5 are still languishing in federal dungeons. Also, a testament to the vindictiveness of “our” government that they refuse to exchange the remaining 3 for their spy, Grossman. Such is the power of the dynosaurs and trogedlydites in Miami. Meanwhile, Israel often exchanges hundreds of prisoners for one Israeli. This should be fair warning for any future U.S. “contractors.” The Cuban 5 were hardly spies. They were keeping watch not on the U.S. government, but rather on terrorists who were responsible for blowing up a Cuban airliner and bombing several Havana hotels. Then again, we can’t expect justice from a heartless empire (like the early Christians couldn’t expect justice from an earlier evil empire)!
    Any folks from the People’s Republic of Vermont going down? Probably won’t drive, since I hate D.C. traffic (went to grad school in a suburb, and it was a nightmare driving the Baltimore-Washington Beltway those two years), but will be taking Amtrak.

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