Greenpeace Protest Continues Aboard Shell Platform in Atlantic Ocean

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Two more Greenpeace activists have joined a group of four climate defenders who have been on board a massive Shell vessel in the English Channel since last week to demand Shell stop drilling for oil and start paying reparations for its role in the climate catastrophe. Shell, which last week reported a record-shattering $40 billion in 2022 profits, has threatened Greenpeace with legal action that could result in two years in jail for the peaceful protesters.

Meanwhile, BP, which also recently announced record annual profits, said Tuesday it would increase oil and gas drilling, reversing a previous pledge to cut down fossil fuel production by 40% below 2019 levels. BP now expects to reduce its output by just 25%.

Calls for a windfall tax have been growing as the major oil and gas companies report tens of billions of dollars in profits amid a surge in oil prices last year spurred by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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