Havana Weather for January 13-19

Relatively cool weather

Havana photo by Juan Suarez

By Yanet Díaz

HAVANA TIMES – A cold and dry air mass will take over as of this Thursday, intensifying winter conditions over much of the island. A new cold front will affect the west over the weekend, with occasional showers and storms expected this Sunday and Monday, and cooler temperatures.

The days will be wintery due to a new change of weather in the West. The winds will be mainly from the northwest, with speeds between 10 and 25 km/h. The probability of rain will be low except on Sunday and Monday when numerous showers will occur in the capital. The humidity will range between 50 and 90%. The high temperatures will decrease, ranging between 22 and 27° C (72 and 81 F), and the lows at 18 and 19° C (64 and 66 F). The sea surface temperature will be 26° C (79 F).

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