Havana Weather for September 22-28

From the National Hurricane Center

Possible tropical depression in the Caribbean

By Yanet Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – Hurricane Fiona has passed over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in recent days and is now over waters to the north of the Atlantic, without posing any danger to Cuba.

A tropical wave is transiting the Caribbean Sea near the Antilles arc, with intense electrical storm activity, as it gains organization, with a high probability of becoming a tropical depression in the next two days. The system will continue to move west-northwest over the central Caribbean, so it is necessary in Cuba to observe its evolution.

Two other tropical waves in the eastern Atlantic also have a moderate chance of developing into a tropical depression, however, this will not be until after the weekend.

The heat will continue, and the rains will decrease a little this week. The winds will be from the east and north, with speeds up to 20 km/h. Humidity will be high, with lows of 60% and highs of 95%. The high temperatures will be 31 and 32°C (88 and 90 F), and the lows between 21 and 23°C (70 and 73 F). The sea surface temperature will be 30°C (86 F).

Over the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean the probability of tropical cyclone formation will remain high.

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