Health Care Measures Taken to Combat Cholera Outbreak in Havana

HAVANA TIMES — Several public institutions of Havana began implementing public health care measures last week to halt the advance of cholera in the capital.

According to the Café Fuerte website, sources from the Provincial Health Directorate (DPS) confirmed that last Monday a health alert phase was declared in the municipalities of Cerro, Octubre 10 and Regla, which have reported the highest rates “though isolated cases have been detected in six other provinces.”

Large bus terminals, bakeries and other food outlets have limited access and are requiring people to clean their hands with chlorine before entering the premises. Meanwhile, the government released a memo ordering the temporary closure of all eating establishments in the most affected areas.

The Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) has been authorized to receive suspected cases in the capital, and currently 50 people are now hospitalized for cholera in this institution, according to the report from Café Fuerte.

The report said that at least two people have died “although none of the hospital directors or health care providers agreed to confirm that information.”