Hillary Clinton Advised Obama to End Cuba Embargo

HAVANA TIMES — Former Secretary of State and former First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton claims to have urged President Barack Obama to end the long economic embargo on Cuba, states her memoirs.

Hillary Clinton’s autobiography, entitled “Hard Choices,” will be released on June 10, but some US media obtained a copy beforehand and have revealed some details.

In her memoirs, Hillary Clinton says the long US embargo on the island has only succeeded in giving Fidel and Raul Castro an excuse not to make democratic reforms and “someone to blame for the economic problems of Cuba,” reported dpa news..

Hillary Clinton recalls in her memoirs that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, tried to ease the embargo, but failed.

The former head of US diplomacy (during Obama’s first term in office) explains that at the end of her tenure in the State Department she urged President Obama to reconsider the embargo because “it is not achieving its objectives” and “is obstructing the scope of our agenda in Latin America.”

“I thought we should give Castro the responsibility to explain why they continue undemocratic and abusive,” policies, writes the former secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton’s autobiography is being examined closely by the US media as the former first lady is one of the favorites to be the Democratic Party candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

The embargo on Cuba, referred to by the Castro government as a blockade, was initially decreed in 1960 by then US President Dwight Eisenhower against the government of Fidel Castro. It is considered by many experts as one of the biggest fiascos of US foreign policy, since more than 50 years later the Castro brothers are still in power.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Advised Obama to End Cuba Embargo

  • It is evident that Mr. Goodrich sees the US as an obstacle to the promotion of socialism and he is probably correct. But there is a far bigger wide world outside the confines of the US and outside the confines of socialist thinking. In 1945 the UK following the liberation of Europe elected a Socialist government. It then bacame necessary for citizens carry an identity card and food rationing tightened – the equivalent of Fidel Castro Ruz’ “special period”‘ By 1947 the Socialists had rationed bread and potatoes. France which took advantage of the US Marshall Plan no longer had rationing of food or shoes and clothing. In 1951 the UK elected a Conservative government and all rationing ceased.
    The reality of socialism is about power and control of the people – the Communist USSR empire imploded in 1989 and some 17 countries held in thrall gained their freedom. Upon holding elections, not one of them elected a communist government. Such is the reality of socialism! It was Fidel Castro Ruz who writing in ‘Granma’ said that for him socialism and communism were the same. What he did not say was that call it either in Cuba -the consequence is the same. The Castro regime controls everything. I find it difficulkt to understand why admirers of socialismo and detractors of freedom do not move to Cuba.

    Whereas Mr. Goodrich sees US politicians as being willing to do the “right thing’ after leaving office, Fidel Castro Ruz shows no similar characteristic.

  • Hillary and others are always willing to do the right thing AFTER they have left their powerful positions.
    Jimmy Carter now travels the world certifying DEMOCRATIC elections while when he was president he was a stone imperialist .
    Ex-Sec-of-Defense Robert McNamara was all sorts of apologetic for what he did in Vietnam but decades after he committed atrocities.
    Once elected or appointed to those top jobs, all that sort of moral thinking is thrown out the window because U.S. foreign policy is set in stone and no socialist- or socialist -style movements will ever be tolerated or allowed to exist unmolested under that century old imperial mandate .
    To not understand this is to totally not understand U.S. foreign policy rationale.
    ( for the record, post WWII, the U.S.G. attempted over 60 overthrows of governments and 30 humane or populist movements ).
    To think that someone moral will ever assume the top office and put and end to this imperial immorality is to ignore that history.
    Hillary was, is and will be just as murderous and cold-blooded an imperialist as any of her predecessors at the White House.
    You can take that to the bank.

  • Like her husband, she seems to have been prepared to make amends with the Castros. Like her husband, Bill Clinton, had she been President instead of Obama, she would have likely found the Castros to be less than receptive to her efforts to improve relations. At least in Obama’s case, he saw the writing on the wall before he made the effort and likely avoided yet another embarrassing foreign policy misstep.

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